House Rules

1. Current Campaign is using Pathfinder RPG rules. All Paizo hardbacks are in play with only those limitations listed below:

- The new Advanced Class guide is in play, but subject to review since I don’t know the new rules as well.
- No Gunslinger, Arcanist, or Summoner. Gunslingers annoy some of our party, and summoners are a bit too much with our gaming group size. Arcanists annoy the GM.
- Advanced Race guide rules are in effect for Core races, humanoid races, changelings, elemental races, aasimar/tiefling, and Suli. The rest we aren’t messing with currently since I don’t want to expand my adventures to include allowance for the others at this time. If you are a tiefling or aasimar, your secondary racial options (that herolab brokenly does not make you roll for) are subject to the GMs discretion.
- If you are not of a particular race, don’t ask to use their spells without finding a scroll or NPC of that race to teach you.
- Clustered shots is not an allowed feat.
- All channeling classes get selective channeling at 5th level.

2. Confirmed Fumbles and Critical Hits use the Critical Hit and Fumble Decks.

3. We are using the Storyline Advancement Point method for leveling for the Rise of the Runelords campaign. This means everyone in the party levels at the same time, at specific points in the story, based on their accomplishments.

4. We are using hero points out of the APG. Currently you can only earn Hero points for blogging a journal entry prior to the game. The GM may also issue hero points at his discretion for a spectacular action, joke, or memorable event. You cannot hoard more than 6 Hero points.

Combat Changes

1. Cleaving on a charge – technically you cannot do this, since charge is a standard action, and cleave is a standard action. However, I can think of no more logical time to have a cleave actually work than on a charge, so I am allowing the use of the cleave feat at the end of a charge, assuming the other criteria for the feat to work are met.

Spell changes

1. Overland Flight and Fabricate are not commonplace or easily available.

2. Deep Magic is in play, but with limited availability. I want to use this primarily as ancient Thassilonian magic, so ask, but I may limit access.

Item Changes

1. Weapon auras are not stackable, ie-flaming, frost,shocking, sonic, etc. If you have one on your weapon, that is the dominant element for that weapon. Additionally, spells or effects that add a weapon aura do not allow stacking results.

2. More powerful magic items require formulas and/or special components to manufacture. So start saving your beholder brains, dragon toenails, and roper tongues, LOL….

Item Crafting

1. Brew potion, scribe scroll, and craft wands are all required to do each of these things. For this campaign only, we are trying something new. If a caster class takes the feat Craft Misc Magic Items, it will include all the remaining crafting feats by default. Level requirements are still in effect, for instance you cant Craft Staff until the appropriate level. The catch is that if you try to create anything major, it will require either special components or a formula to complete. Examples of major items are:

- most staves
- rings of wizardry, elemental command
+4 or better stat items
+3 or better weapons/armor
- many items classified as major magic items
- arrows of slaying

This should let you all outfit till your hearts are content, yet still hold back enough great stuff to keep great magic items special and usually discovered and not made.

House Rules

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