Protectors of Sandpoint

The Musings of Ragnar

Ragnar's Journal

So in the end glorious death in battle was not to be our fates, though it nearly was so. The half-orc saved us all in a fit of self-sacrificing rage the likes of which I have never seen, plummeting over the side of the very tower with the serpentine witch lamia in his clutches. By the gods, it was a battle the dwarven heroes of old would have been stunned to witness. I am proud to call Snake my comrade and brother in arms. I shall have to more carefully evaluate half-orcs in the future. Perhaps their orcish side does not always dominate their thoughts and actions.

And this horn that summoned dwarven berserkers – I haven’t seen such magic before, and so I must thank Torag, god of dwarves for his aid. And to Cayden I also now owe a tribute, though he is a god whom I have paid some small respects to in the past, not taking him for a serious being. It appears he may have actually aided or communed with Snake. And to Sarenrae, the sun goddess, I have seen the boons she has granted through Entekku and aided us. What do the gods seek – do they truly wish to help us eradicate evil from the cruel world? It does seem to be the case, else why would they have aided us and saved our lives, unless it be merely for their amusement? Deep thoughts for dwarf. I prefer to keep things simpler – axe, ale, gold, and adventure have been my life, and likely will continue to be. But then this business protecting Sandpoint and Magnimar have been above and beyond the life of mere adventure. Let us hope that a small dose of sober responsibility now and then doesn’t suck the zest out of life! Ahh, but there’s no boredom or duty that a good fight won’t cure!

And so with the lamia gone, what now for Magnimar? Does the realization that a terrible creature of evil lurked within the city and required the near sacrifice of outsiders to destroy it mean anything to the people? I would think more so than their Mayor. Yet I sense Magnimar will go on unchanged. Such is the way of men. It takes a greater calamity to make them change. Then again, some would say the same of dwarves or elves, I suppose. And yet men surprise me again – the Mayor, though clearly suffering many of the common flaws of men, was far more generous and beneficent than I expected. And he has given me the duty to enforce the law of Magnimar in the regions close to Sandpoint. This seems good and bad. I like the easy, good natured, uncomplicated ways of Sandpoint. Magnimar has too much decadence and thirst for power in it, too many stifling and questionable laws. Still this authority may help us protect and serve Sandpoint, which has become like a second home to me. Ha! We shall see what happens. Will Ragnar the dwarf become a respectable famous protector of the realm, or perhaps the mantle of authority will not suit him and he’ll return to the simple life of a wandering mercenary, thirty for gold and excitement. Or perhaps there is a way to do both. We shall see what fate brings – I raise a toast to life and it’s surprises!



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