Protectors of Sandpoint

Snake search Cave!

Snake entry

Today Snake find new joy with Dwarf…. Dwarven man some type of spell caster and make battles much better.. Dwarven man spoke some words and Giant white Spider thing get angry because it not able to hit Snake. This going to be beautiful relationship for Battle Buddies!
Now Snake go and follow cave to the well where Snake get more gold coins. No stupid Frog man just yet.
Snake traveled further into the Cave… Snake and group found little fast men. Oracle dwarf said it stupid Jinksin. If Snake ever see another Snake destroy with no hesitation. Now to continue down Stupid Cave of Jinksin.

stupid kobold Cavaliers …. challenge Snake and you die!!!!!! Snake go to help Ragnar but Snake not fast enough and after 1 round of help Ragnar Eats Dirt! SNAKE ABOUT TO HAVE ULTRA RAGE!!!! shhh only bad part Snake starting to run out of rage…………….
Now Snake has been Critically hit and is now on face…. This kobold with drums IS GOING TO DIE!!!
All who challenge Snake Die!!!


very nice in character posting, all of them so far…

Snake search Cave!

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