Protectors of Sandpoint

Questionable But Effective Tactics...

The Observations of Skor

Here we are in Magnimar. I have found a fairly comfortable place to stay in The Blind Wizard Inn. It just so happens that they have a very entertaining group of gamblers that seem to frequent the place. I can’t quite vouch for there skill with the cards or dice, but they are rather amusing after a few pints! I have also managed to secure a deal that should indeed boost the economy of Sandpoint. Not sure how long I will stay in the town but I do like it there and hope its residents prosper. We will now have a routine caravan headed that very three weeks or so. The point of contact seemed a little shady but as long as this works out for the town folks, I am fine with that. They have also sent a gigantic elf lady to be there representative. I have always love a tall woman! This could be fun… OH! I was even able to secure more brutes to help with the fort when not escorting the caravans! That should help keep those monsters out! After my negotiations at the brute squad rental services building, we all met and apparently we have two more new people with us… The half orc is seems to be rather dimwitted and smelly but should do rather nicely as our distraction and wrecking machine in battle. Snake is his name I believe. Why he is actually here I couldn’t tell you. I think he will provide us with some good laughs though! Now the dark and brooding lady, V something… I don’t know what it is about he… I can’t figure her out… I also can’t figure out why the thought of her sandwiched between Snake and I seems so fun… anyhow… we are off to follow a group of nasty orc scum that have been spotted. They apparently had a link to the slavers that came to Sandpoint… We quickly wiped the street with them… I am really surprised that we did not draw more attention… After interrogating the captive from our scuffle our lead is to the Sawmill here in Magnimar… And then Snake decided it was a good idea to cut the guys head off…holy hell I don’t know what he was thinking… but it gets better… he decided to dump the body over the city wall. yet again dumb but damn it was funny spooking the guards with some lights so Ragnar could dispose of the body and make the guards think they were seeing ghosts! At least Cerie was able to get Snake out of jail… Now it is time to regroup and prepare for the mill invasion. Hopefully we have time for a few rounds of cards or dice while we wait…


YES!!!!! Snake both love sandwiches and ladies… Snakes best dream is with lady feeding snake a sandwich. But snake can sandwich lady with short fire man.


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