Protectors of Sandpoint

Cursed Adventure Part 1

The Haunted Farm

Lets see. Where should I begin this fabulous tale? It involves mystery, greed, horror and fun! Ok. Ok. This tale begins upon our return to Sandpoint. I was actually given the opportunity to purchase the Glass Works! I am more than excited. I have a better place to practice my crafts and I get to help the economy of the town I have come to call home, all while keeping a close eye on the rune well under it. So after some renovations, we were able to fit the access to the well with a new security door. It was about that time when we heard the rumors of a haunted and abandoned farmstead on the outskirts of the farmland. Sounded like a fun trip with potential to acquire a farm for the SEF. After a relatively uneventful trip we arrived at the farm and found the place empty except for some random bodies and gold. After some investigating we discovered what we believed was an evil wishing well! The perfect toy for Snake! Of course he made a wish and tossed a newly found gold coin in… and what happens? he gets more gold? Again he tries and gets more gold! something is not right…. Suddenly the horses and Sir Schniffenlots sense something around the corner. They say big frog, and they are scared. hmmm I wonder what could it be? What is so scary about a frog? So we investigate further and run around the house like imbeciles and see nothing. Except Snake swears there is frogman taunting him now. While we were pondering what could be happening, I notice Sir Schniffenlots chewing on a gold coin…but he swears it is a bone. What kind of magic is in these coins. I was unsure so I took the coin from him and wouldn’t you know it, I started seeing that blasted frogman! After a while of us bumbling around, we went back to talk to the priests at the temple in Sandpoint. He said the coins are cursed with powerful magic. We decided we should take him to help us consecrate the farmland. It was a good attempt, but I am unsure if he will be able to do it. We returned after an eventful night of those dreaded coins reappearing and the priest taking Snakes coins with much hesitation on Snake’s part. Poor dumb barbarian will catch a break someday… We are off to the farm again and suspicions were correct. The well is evil…at least something at the bottom. After some debate we decide to lower the wizard and the sneaky lady Vilana down the well. There in the wet dark well they discovered a small tunnel just out of eyesight that leads off towards what the priest described to us as an old watchtower. All this time we were searching without knowing about this blasted tower. Well we were on our way to investigate of course. Yes that’s right! It belonged to a Runelord! Of greed no less… We must investigate, but first I think I will do some research. Maybe back in Sandpoint…



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