Protectors of Sandpoint

Tunnels and Swamp Galore

It has been a very interesting experience the past few days. I’ve never spent much time in swamps in my past and it has been very unique for me. I can definitely say i prefer the lush greenery of the forest to this dismal, wet place. The sturges were a fun little warm up for some of the more interesting creatures here and who knows what will show up next. It was nice to have a nice little companionship with an animal again. Aeryon might be the same size but unlike what the others thought, he’s a fighter and can hold his own against something the same size. I’m really starting to get some nice respect for Bella even if he is always ragging on me he’s still really helpful when necessary and still willing to do stuff to keep me going. Those tunnels were interesting and i wasnt expecting to find those in such unsure grounding and I will have to make a note of those worms. They weren’t that hard to kill but that sickly sweet smell and creepy look had me thinking they were undead for a while there. That smell actually got my adrenaline pumping some with the hopes of smiting more of those cursed undead, and i managed to get that wish after opening that arched door with Einarr. That cold feeling though when that wraith touched me though, brrrrrr. I’ve never felt a feeling like that before in my life and I hope I never feel it again. It felt like part of my soul was leaving my body. I can only imagine how Einarr was feeling when he was touched as well. It was a really good feeling to destroy another evil soul. I wish my companions would be more willing to jump in when things look dangerous like that. I get the feeling everyone was ready to run away and leave me behind. I know that means all the more hatred to take out on them by me but true companions help one another out, even if they aren’t the most liked one in the party. At least the night ended on a fun note watching people squirm from a few leeches. Haha. Who knows what tomorrow will bring in this crazy, almost unnatural seeming place.



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