Protectors of Sandpoint

Snake no like Paralysis

Snake Entry

So Snake tell you how he fought stupid monkey and got hurt by stupid dog. Now that Snake feeling little better, Snake tell you about Stupid Mill…. so Thunder Thigh lady walked on wall like spider and helped short bearded man many times. Snake still no feel good at that point. When Party made it near top of mill Snake say hey short bearded man Snake take it from here. So Snake go through door and feel sting in neck. Stupid Cult guy with Cross bow hit snake with something that make it so he no move. Snake soooooooo Angry but Snake couldnt fight back.. Snake couldn’t even run and regroup.. which Snake never doo… just saying. So snake watch whole battle and man that disappears and suddenly near end Snake can move again so Snake have so much Anger at that point Snake just beat Tar …. yes Tar out of Cult leader man.. Snake never feel so good after Snake feel not so good.. Now Snake is hungry. So Snake go look for food and try to find some bandages..


Snake forgot to mention monkey goo…

Snake no like Paralysis

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