Protectors of Sandpoint

One Goal Down...

the Scarecrow and its master are no more.

Underbridge is a little safer now, thanks to my new colleagues. We set a trap for the Scarecrow, we me as bait, and we were able to track it back to its lair in the Clock Tower. There we fought and killed it; its slaying days have come to an end. But the creature had a master, which needed to die as well. After fighting more guardians, in the form of phantasmal stalkers, the real battle began on the roof of the clock tower with a horrific lamia demon. While I can say I was of little help in this fight, thanks to the cursed Skinsaw mask, it was none other than Snake himself who saw to the creature’s demise, following the bravest, craziest stunt I’d ever witnessed. Whatever comes of my half-orc compatriot, he has well-earned a lifetime of respect now.

With the Scarecrow and its master dead, the next question is: what next??




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