Protectors of Sandpoint

Is this ever going to be over?


I’m glad we cleaned out Thistletop finally, but traipsing off to find a pyramid? I’m worried about my family and Sandpoint. Pyramids and ancient momuments can wait until we’re sure that the home front is secured. I wonder if there’s even a remote chance of Quint still being out here somewhere. I would want someone to look for me if something like that happened, but not if it’s going to risk home. I almost hope he’s dead, rather than being tortured or worse. Poor man…

On a lighter subject… well, there really isn’t a lighter subject. Sigh, I am practicing at my Harrow, perhaps the cards will reveal more to me. Lydia is still to be consulted, Foxglove is still to be investigated. I must admit, I still find myself a little infatuated him still. He was handsome enough, but something about his overt affection and kindness just seemed a little disingenuous, if that’s the right word. I just wish I could know if he and Quint were all right.

Oh well, this is all turning into such a mess. I will say this though, in the privacy of my own thoughts, if anything happens to my parents, I don’t care about evidence, law, or the courts. Scarnetti will burn for it, and only after he’s begged for death, only after he’s watched everything single thing he’s ever cared about, ever liked, ever touched, wither and die. I never knew myself to be capable of such thoughts, but Scarnetti will suffer and then rue the day his bitch mother squatted and shat him out. I am young, I have an eternity for revenge, and by the gods, I will have it.

“By the Bloody Eagle, blood will flow… Ha la la la la, tu re lu… Those who’ve crossed with justice, tu re lai… Will regret the day they first drew breath…”

(hums creepily in a minor key while strumming her harp)



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