Protectors of Sandpoint

House of Horrors

From Ragnar's journal

I should’ve had an extra pint before we came. Flies to the spider’s web, we were. He knew we were coming — no doubt about it — but that didn’t deter us. Had to end this evil before it spread.

Front doors all locked up tight, can’t be bashed in, but they swing open when we call out to the residents. Not a good sign, but not completely unexpected. Right off, could see strange things were afoot inside. Stuffed manticore leering at us as we step inside warily. Then the Nine Hells breaks loose as darkness and more ghouls crawl out of the woodwork. Skor unleashes fire on the stuffed beast — not sure what he was about but he’s proven to be not easily tricked by illusions, if that’s what it was, so we let him be. Looked harmless enough to me, so I saved my axe for moving targets. We were wary and dealt with the ghouls well, but friends were paralyzed and snatched away in the dark.

Searched for ‘em, tried to be methodical and keep comrades together, but we’ve got a flighty bunch it seems. Must’ve been nerve jitters, they all seemed to scramble and scatter one way, then another. I’m for finding the missing as soon as possible, but the house if full of such weirdness as to distract the others, and they focus on some monkey-headed butler’s bell and a strange spiral pattern of mold on the floor. Strange stained glass murals showing creatures with unnaturally long life. Seems our friend Foxglove sees undeath as the way to immortality. I’m afraid he’s going to be sorely mistaken.

The floors are weak, and the endlessly curious gnomes (curiosity killed the cat? Don’t think so, must’ve been gnomes not cats in the original saying) stumble into hidden basement quarters. Czevok, still half berserk in the presence of undead, goes off on his own up the stairs and is taken by something unseen, his gear tossed tauntingly down at us. Eventually he’s found, paralyzed and stuffed in between the floorboards like a salted pork chop in the cupboard.

Don’t remember much after that — chaos ensued, the house is full of hidden, nasty places, and more than one horror is uncovered. Eventually the missing are found — one of ‘em had the fortune or willpower to shake off their paralyzation and help free the others, though it seems it was a close shave. All that is a blur, I’m no doubt affected by the evil in the house. Got to keep a clear head and a strong axe arm to see us through this one. By Lamashtu’s teats (not a pretty sight, trust me), we’ll serve Foxglove right!



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