Protectors of Sandpoint


Cerie's entry

I HATE leeches. EEEEWWWWWWW!!! Major grossness! I just hate the swamp in the first place. Dear Desna, remind me never, ever to come into this place again! Everything is just wet and grimy and… yuck! Ugh, this is just so disgusting. I hope this is going to prove worth it. At least we discovered that lost Dwarven army. Always a good thing to find missing pieces of history. I really think the next time someone wants to go down a creepy, dark, tiny tunnel I’m going to opt out. I’m just so tired, I want to go home. I’m still worried about what’s going on with my family and Sandpoint. I just want to go home. This pyramid had better worth it and I hope Broderick Quint is still alove because if I was dragged all the way out here and he’s not alive to be rescued, well, there won’t be enough of the orcs left to burn or bury, that’s for sure.

(Written in Elvish) To Papa,

I’m writing to let you know I’m still alive. This swamp is quite disgusting, but we’re fairing relatively well, all things considered. Please keep track of anything odd that happens at home. I’ll be following up on that as soon as I am free to do so. I hope you are well. Please don’t worry about me. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been afraid, but I’ve discovered that I’m stronger than I thought. Take care of yourself and keep track of Mama.


Your ‘Liana



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