Protectors of Sandpoint

A lich?

From the journal of Eloam

The art in this place seems to indicate that someone was interested in becoming a lich. I wonder if he or she was successful? Could the Foxglove we know be the one. He doesn’t look like a lich. Still the magic needed to fool the eye is fairly easy to master. To anyone who could master the arcane art of lichdom, learning an simple illusion would be childs play.

Still, the house is old. Our Foxglove doesn’t seem that old. Perhaps one of his ancestors made the windows. If there is a lich here, it may be too much for us. Unfortunately, considering the situation, we have little choice but to press on. Still, it might not be as bad as it seems, if we prevail, there could be a lot to learn here. Most obvious, the secret to immortality, might be found here. Fortunately, I am young, and elf blood flows thru my veins. That temptation is easy to resist. While I understand there can be many paths to lichdom, the most well known is learned magic. Perhaps spellbook could be found…



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