What has gone before


The starting place for the campaign is Sandpoint, a small sleepy seaside town set among some ancient ruins along the Lonely Coast, a relatively rural stretch of sea shoreline that runs between the bustling city of Magnimar and the smaller city of Riddleport to the north. Many merchants prefer to move their goods by sea up the coast to Sandpoint instead of Riddleport, either to avoid the crime and high port rates of the northern port or because their goods serve the local villages and towns in inner Varisia.

The village was founded long ago by four noble families from Magnimar, and still has strong ties back to that city even today. Most of the noble families have dual residences in both Magnimar and along the mansions of the high cliffs above Sandpoint. Houses Deverin, Scarnetti, Valdemar, and Kaijitsu all were equally invested in creating the town nearly 40 years ago. Unfortunately, in the process, they displaced and offended many of the Varisian wanderer families, who used this same location as a sacred meeting place during the spring season. After Mayor Deverin’s grandmother managed to negotiate a truce and avoid a bloody altercation, an accord was struck with the Varisian families and the four noble families from Magnimar. The Varisian travelers would always be welcome in Sandpoint, and as long as Madame Mvashti (their spiritual leader at the time of the accord) was alive, no Varisian in town could be charged taxes or tariffs as recompense for the initial Magnimaran offences (they tried to savagely drive off the Varisians initially, only to be rebuffed). Seeing as Madame Mvashti was an old woman at that time, the town leaders thought nothing of making this agreement, however many times they regretted this portion of the agreement, as she is still alive after all of the other original signees are long dead, and does not show any signs of slowing down.

The Heroes Arrive

Our heroes story begins nearly 6 years ago, when the orphans Skor and Grokk and their childhood friends Cerie and Norian all went to school at the Turandurok Academy and studied under Maester Ilsoari. They were about 12-13 at the time and were some of the younger children at the academy. During their time there, they became acquainted with most of the other town children, including the Vender sisters, Nualia, Tsuto, and Ameiko. The latter three were in their last year when they PCs started school, so they only had a passing acquaintance with these older townfolk. They PCs decided one night to sneak their friends out of the orphanage and go exploring at night. It was during this foray that they discovered quite accidently, the remains of the first of Chopper’s victims. Thus begun his nightmare reign of killing and the beginning of The Late Unpleasantness.

Chopper’s held the town in the grip of fear for months, taking 25 victims in total before he was caught. Included in this group was many of the bard’s friends, including Marina Quinn, the sweet natured wife of Jorgie Quinn, whose establishment was never the same afterwards. No sooner than Chopper was stopped, the town temple burned to the ground, taking Father Tobyn and his daughter to their deaths. Ever since, a dark cloud of depression and sadness has hung over the town, and it is only with the latest Swallowtail Festival hailing the opening of the newer (and bigger, this time made of stone) town temple that the town has begun to hope again.

Sandpoint must Burn! (Party 1st-3rd level)

The party’s friend Ameiko is kidnapped by her half-brother Tsuto and the party goes to the Glassworks to rescue her. When they arrive, they find the elder Kaijitsu dead and covered in glass by his own son Tsuto. Disowned by his father for his mixed blood (half-elf, father is human), Tsuto had become the paramour of Nualia and was plotting to burn the town with her. Exploring the Glassworks, the party found ancient catacombs under the town that were quite extensive, apparently build during Thassilonian era. They find a statue to the Runelord of Wrath, Alaznist, and an ancient pool of power, known as a Runewell. This well appears to have caused the bad dreams of the townsfolk and what spurred the transformation of the innocent Jervis Stoot into Chopper and caused Nualia to turn towards the worship of Lamashtu. The party shut down the well and slew its guardian, a Lamashtu worshipping quasit known as Erylium. Finding clues that lead them to more Thassilonian ruins up the coast, the party heads out towards the place known as Thistletop.

Before leaving, several members of the party are visited by angels of Desna and Sarenrae who ask them to capture and redeem Nualia, as she is the blood of one of their brother angels. The party agrees and take the amulet that will bind her once captured.

Thistletop turned out to be an gigantic ancient Thassilonian statue inhabitated by Nualia and her allies, the goblin chief Ripnugget and the bugbear Bruthazmus. After many misadventures, the party finally defeats the inhabitants of Thistletop, including the vile barghest Malfeshnekor.

They also captured Nualia and brought her to meet her son, which began her reformation. Putting the necklace on her, they traveled with the now comatose Nualia to Windsong Abbey in order to beseech the high priest of Desna to perform the redemption ceremony.

What has gone before

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