Things we learned In the last Game Session

Be wary of where the holes are placed in large statues! :)

There was an inpromptu showing of the movie “The Fog” during the last game session.

Someone needs to learn the arcane spell Knock, either that or get more healers.

JULY 3rd

Undead Generals are grumpy when you wake them.

Some elves are more observant than others.

August 14th

Someone spiked the punch when the party went to Foxglove Manor.

The Sandpoint Expeditionary Force needs more members…

Scarecrows around Sandpoint do more than chase off the crows.

Evidently Cerie tastes like chocolate chip cookies to the field rats on the farms.

How many exp points do you all think an Bear is worth as a ghoul?

Things we learned In the last Game Session

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