Sandpoint Expeditionary Force

Sandpoint Expeditionary Force – an official paramilitary organization of Sandpoint that answers directly to the Mayor and Council of Houses. It was formed to supplement Sheriff and town guardsmen and provide intelligence and lawful protection to travelers on the Lost Coast Road and outlying farms and communities around the town of Sandpoint. Current signees to the agreement are Ragnar, Skor Uran, Cerie, and Daviren Hosk. Past members include Morin Steelbrow and Einarr.

SEF Agreement

SEF Employee Roster

SEF Wayhouse maps

Scouting Reports

Supplies bought by Ragnar:

Rope, hemp, 50ft. (x5)
Ration (x40)
Torches (x10)
Feed (x20)
Flask of Oil (x10)
Piton (x10)
Pot, iron
Barrel (x5)
Caltrops (x10)

Weapons bought by Skor:

Javelin (x15)
Light Crossbow (x4)
Morningstar (x4)
Bolts (x80)

2000 Initial From Town
-700 For Palisade/Framework Construction

Sandpoint Expeditionary Force

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