Below are miscellaneous rumors the party has heard…

- There is a big black Lake Monster that lives in The Storval Deep. It is said by some to have tentacles, to walk on land, and that there are more than one, depending on the sources.

- Fierce Giants live in the mountains to the Northeast, and even viler creatures, ogres and their kin, in the hills and forests near the southmost peaks.

- Deep under the plateau section of Magnimar are the worst jails of the city, nicknamed the Hells. They are reached by deep shafts and tunnels under the plateau, and al sorts of rumors exist about then, from drow and derro live in some of then, to an imprisoned devil presides over the prisoners at the lowest levels. All agree its a place no sane or good person would ever want to visit.

- There is a deep cavern called The Pit, out on the Devil’s Platter, where the Sandpoint Devil lives. Some say he has other demons with him, and others say he has a wicked band of followers to do his bidding.

- A vile witch lives in the Brinestump Bogs, called Old Megus. She is said to eat babies, turn men into wild beasts and hunt them for sport, and steal the youth and beauty from young women. No one claims to have seen her, but all agree she is fearsome to look upon.

- There is a secret temple to Lamashtu hidden in Magnimar, and a secret cabal of her followers plots murders and other wicked deeds against the priesthoods of good and light.

- Lord Scanetti owned several smaller merchant houses in Magnimar as hidden assets, so he could manipulate the markets. He was also said to donate heavily to the Hellknights, specifically the Order of the Nail, and they were also secret allies, exchanging favors and coin regularly.

- Mayor Deverin is rumored to have secret allies in the kindgom of Faerie. She is also rumored to be cursed, though the specifics are unknown and carefully hidden by her. She is also rumored to have a brother among the Hellknight orders.

- Lord Valdemar supposedly recently had a deeply moving spiritual experience that changed him forever. Others say he has been replaced by a doppleganger. Whatever the cause, he has recently been seen walking spryly around the town (he is in his 80s), donating heavily to the playhouse, academy, and temples, and becoming more involved in council politics. This last is of great concern to the Scarnetti family, since his increased activity has more often fallen on the side of Mayor Deverin than not, upsetting several money making ventures. Rumor also has it that the formation of an independent scouting force was his idea.


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