Hero Points

What are Hero Points

Hero points are used sort of like “get out of jail free cards” to allow your character to have a mulligan, extra bonus, cling to the ledge of life vs dying, and do things that just were not possible otherwise. In the Hobbit Movie Battle of Five Armies, what Legolas does making a bridge out of a tower is an example of doing something ridiculous with hero points.

Hero Point Uses

  • Add +4 to a roll after it is made – 1 point
  • Add +8 to a roll before it is made – 1 points
  • re-roll any roll – 1 point
  • go from dead to stabilized at negative hps equal to your CON score – 2 points
  • regain a spell that has been used already – 2 points
  • Get a hint or clue for a problem facing the party – 1 point
  • Doing something daring, ridiculous, crazy, or nearly impossible otherwise, but now having a chance of pulling it off – varies depending on how crazy the action is.
  • Escape an instant death situation (building collapses on you, sphere of doom) – 3

Earning Hero Points

Method 1 – Do something that I think is cool, entertaining, funny, awesome, etc. Not a reliable way to earn them, more of an extra bonus.

Method 2 – Make a substantive post in the Adventure Log section of this website. You can earn up to 2 pts in between game sessions (1 per journal entry, obv.). Reliable method, just do it!

Journal Entry Guidelines

To qualify, the posts must be:

  • first person from your character’s perspective (or from that of an animal companion or familiar if applicable).
  • must clearly show the thoughts, feelings, worries, fears, musings, etc of your character. This should be more like a diary entry or first person narrative and less like a captains log. We all know what happened in the game and don’t need a recap with your name on it. It may be awkward for some at first, since none of us are published authors, but I think I speak for everyone in saying we will appreciate any decent attempt made to share.
  • It can be as long or short as it needs to be, just don’t make it two sentences or three pages.
  • I am looking for RPing content that may not come out well in gameplay, so keep that in mind while writing.

Doing it Wrong

Title – Slaughtered the necromancer

Well, we killed the evil wizard and his minions today. I sure hope we don’t get killed going deeper into his awful dungeons. He had some awesome magic items, and I got a magic dagger. I can hardly wait until I get new spells.

Okay above, we first have no idea which person is posting. For content, we cannot even tell what class the PC is before the last post, and we know nothing about him/her except they have normal human worries and appreciation for loot. This post will earn you a heckling at the gaming table and no hero point

Doing it Right

Title – From the Logs of Shalelu – Battle at Thistletop

I cannot remember ever seeing goblins this organized. Usually they are clever and malicious but very distractible. We have yet to see their leader, but signs point to them being battle-savvy, much like my sword mentor Thelonius.

I am not sure I trust some of our party members, especially Cedrik. Sczarni are sketchy enough in general, and he seems to have more than his fair share of light fingers and a broken moral compass. Finstar on the other hand has led us wisely, and saved the lives of our healer and Cedrik with his heroic charge in the throne room.

We have rested twice now, exhausted and covered in gore and filth from fighting these ground grubbing goblins. What I wouldn’t give for a hot bath, the soft hands of Cammie, and a good bottle of Pitax red.

Okay this post gives us details, opinions, inner thoughts, fills out background minutiae with details like the name of a not before mentioned sword mentor, and shows us how what they think of resting in a dungeon full of goblins. You can also infer by word choice and analytical thought expressed that the PC is fairly intelligent and familiar with combat strategy. Hero point earned.

Title: Grokk – Gobbies make da nice club polish

Dem goblins suck. We bashed dem gud and took der gold. Club now nice and shiny red color tanks to da stains of dem brains. White Robe Lady has da nice hands, she fixed mes cuts and hurt bones. Mes now have da nice smell of dead gobbies, shud warn dem dat Grokk mean bizness. Dum fighter say me stink, what him know. Bet dem gobbies beat on him insted since him not scary like mes. White Robe Lady gonna have to hold him for days, to fix, hehe.

Not a whole lot said, and in some ways more like the “what not to do” post but still a good post. We can tell this PC is lower int and has issues with communicating complex thoughts. He expresses opinions, shows us what he thinks of party members and their actions, and in general we get a better understanding of what he is like. There is also an implied confidence in himself. Using a post to express how the character may speak/think is especially helpful since it is extremely difficult to keep up this personae in game for too long. Hero point earned and probably a bonus point for the extra creative and RP effort.

Hero Points

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