Gaming Schedule

Next Scheduled Gaming Sessions:

We are picking up again after the holidays with the following schedule. We are playing back-to-back weekends after our long winter sojourn primarily due to a scheduling conflict on the 24th. Please let me know if this is a problem for anyone.

Saturday 1/10/15 – Gary’s house (start time at 12pm)

Saturday 1/17/15 – Gary’s house (start time at 12pm)

Saturday 1/31/15 – Gary’s house (start time at 12pm

We will try to game every two weeks after 1/31 unless anyone has a conflict.

Tina may try to skype in to our sessions if her schedule permits.

Game Session will typically be every two weeks. If you know you have a scheduling conflict, let me know in advance and we can try to move the date or time if possible.

Gaming Schedule

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