Character Creation

The current character creation system is using:

1. 25 point buy (no sub-10 stats except due to race penalty), plus 1 ability point for 4th lvl. (for new characters only). 1000 gp starting money to buy equipment, plus 10k gp worth of magic items.

2. Create a backstory (GM can help with setting content), post your character info under the players’ section here on the wiki. Those without a backstory and/or posted picture under the character section cannot advance in level until one is created. You may select two traits from from anywhere except APs (obviously this doesnt include the RotRL AP). Follow standard trait guidelines (1 per category) and no drawbacks for this campaign.

4. Create a backup character and post your class and race under the gaming group section for backup characters. The main reason for backup characters is so the GM can work them into the NPCs in the storyline, that way, if someone switches in midgame or dies and has to go to the secondary character, he or she is not new to the party or storyline.

5. New characters start at the level as the party which is currently Level 6. Replacement characters due to death or player preference will now start 1 level behind the party. Replacement characters will level at their own rate and catch up to the party in about 1.5 levels. This rewards players for keeping their characters alive and offers incentive for staying with the current character.

Character Creation

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