Protectors of Sandpoint

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It came to pass

Milestones in the game so far:

1. Goblins attack during Swallowtail Festival and Temple Opening. Party defeats goblins with help of Daviren Hosk, stablemaster and goblin hater.

2. Ameiko disappears and party goes looking for her in the Sandpoint Glassworks. Party discovers her brother Tsuto and goblins preparing to assault town, and kills them all, rescuing Ameiko.

3. Party explores the ancient temple and complex under the Glassworks and town, defeating Erylium and exhausting the Runewell.

4. Party discovers smugglers attempting to move dangerous animals through port, acquires the animals, releasing all but the shrunken mammoth. Tracking down the smuggling agent, they discover a band of orc halfbreeds in the forest, and kill them all but one.

5. Party discovers Broderick Quint has been taken, and track his kidnappers into the woods, before being stopped by Bruthazmus.

6. Party deputized by Sheriff Hemlock to protect the town while he goes to Magnimar for reinforcements.

7. Party hears about big invasion from a hurt Shalelu, races off to stop the goblins, killing their diplomatic envoys heading to Mosswood goblin tribe with bribes.

8. Party invades Thistletop, killing Bruthazmus, Ripnugget, and a bunch of goblins and bugbears.

9. Party forms Sandpoint Expeditionary Force, explores tunnels under the town, and heads back to Thistletop by boat, encountering a serpent and the bunyip before reaching their destination.

10. Party discovers evidence of a large band of goblins moving towards Thistletop, and defeats some of their guards left behind.

11. Party fights off tentamort to gain access to lower levels of Thistletop thru a secret cave entrance.

12. Party fights off duergar monk and summoner who kidnap Father Ryan and nearly kill three party members (hero points used!).

13. Party explores evil temple of Lamashtu and defeats yeth and hell hounds guarding it.

14. Morin falls to a trapped statue in Temple of Lamashtu inside Thistletop.

15. Party retreats back to the boat to rest up and take Morin’s body to safety.

Morin's Passing

From the journal of Einarr…

The first day after Morin’s Death.

Well… I’m glad that’s finally over. That was a lot of heartache to get to this point. I wish Morin was here to see it through. But that’s just the way life is, isn’t it. You’re here one day and gone the next. Sometimes I wish I was like him. The dream of dying in battle, weapon in hand, fighting to the death…but I can’t. I’m afraid to die. Afraid to leave behind the ones I love to the torments of this world. I want to die in peace with the knowledge of knowing the ones I leave behind will be safe. All and all we’re alive. It irritates me that Ceruleana didn’t inform us of all the happenings that were and are still going on. So ridiculous.. Doesn’t she understand that when she says to do something that we’re going to ask why? She must know that we will follow her to the end, but she needs to understand that we don’t want to die in vain. Life is precious to all and not all will jump with a leap of faith. I won’t, not any more. Who are these beings that play with us like toys? To torment us with their mistakes and misfortunes. Don’t they realize that it is them that we look to for guidance and protection? Do they understand that we follow their example? Who are these beings that make their mistakes with no punishment? There may be consequence but did not these beings already learn from their mistakes thousands upon thousands of years ago? No being of this world will govern me! Why should I choose or follow any deity to govern me when he or she can not control what is in their very grasp! It saddens and disgusts me, but what choice do I have but to dwell upon myself to protect the ones I love.

Rough day at Thistletop

From the journal of Ragnar Blackaxe…

Back to the boat (unnatural inventions…) to lick our wounds, placed Morin’s body in a place of honor within the hold-damn gobbos will pay fer this! Can’t wait to get back and give them another taste of our steel and magic. Tried to get some alchemical fire from the ship captain, but he’s a merchie – no instruments of war aboard. Next morning, we’re off again, back fo the second assault. Glad to get off the little dingy and back into the caves again, even if they are goblin-filled. The door is barred, we can’t get in. Drums, drums in the deep (O wait, wrong adventure…). No drums (these goblins need work), but the treacherous filth did bar the door. Tried to bash it in, but no luck. Looks like we woke up the locals, trolls are comin, but the elf ranger spotted them, then advanced to the rear so we could dispatch ‘em. Fire and steel and arrows were dealing with ‘em pretty good till the gobbo shaman conjured his cursed fog, flanked us. More skeletal trolls, ground all slippery with tossed cookies. A real mess, but a legendary fight—maybe the bards will write a song about it! Last troll mauls me bad (I must’ve been distracted by the elf puke), had to retreat to gather my strength. Einarr and the others take out the goblin shaman when his fog rolls back.

Messed up again, we head back to the boat and rest up. Ceri and Ryan have an epiphany—there’s a secret entrance under the water line. Oh, and by the way, we have till midnight or that cursed demon of Lamashtu wil be released by Nualia. By thunder, why didn’t they say something earlier! Can’t reveal their sources, so they say <grumble>. This magic stuff is suspicious, but they haven’t been wrong before. Have to admit, seen them do some amazing things. So we go back, spend four hours engineering a way in – Einarr scouts ahead and meets some bloody crab in a golden helmet, just when I thought things couldn’t get weirder. We all dive in – that’s the spirit! Trounce the crab. Spectacular place in there, gold, gold, gold sparkling on the ground! Some kind of weird writing related to Karzoug, Runelord of greed. Whatever else he may have been, at least he showed the proper appreciation for the fine precious metals of the world. Time to see what else is in store for us.

Hear loud thuds and screaming goblins coming from somewhere. Secret doors, traps, sarcophogi slamming open and closed, then some kind of humanoid golems, but Eloam figures out their secret and soon has ‘em stepping to his command. Gotta hand it to the wizard for that one.

Next, some kind of giant stone golem and piles of mushed goblins! Ha! This rune lord may not have been so bad after all—certainly knows how to welcome goblin scum. Golem comes after us, we back up into the smaller passage where it can’t reach. Not so smart after all, maybe Karzoug wasn’t.

Discover a chute, yes a chute going down. No dwarf built that. Stairs, whaddya think stairs were invented for, Karzoug? Down we go, and there’s Nualia (sp?), demon arm and scars and sword and all, flanked by stinking gnolls and some kind of shadow cat. We’re packed in tight, and the gnome Skor goes for it, charging to the front lines. Silence everywhere, unnatural silence. Can’t hear the usual sounds of battle or any spells of my comrades going off. Black soul-scarring energy keeps pulsing off Nualia, and green glowing light when she should have been wounded. Blacked out several times, then brought back by Ryan’s magic healing. Something very evil, evil here. She’s a demon. Ceri and Ryan insist we can’t kill her—she can be saved. Hmmph, don’t like this at all, just bury a hatchet in her skull, I say. Can hear Ceri singin something, its driving Nualia mad, something about sadness and redemption and what not – elvish business sounds to me…but it works and Nualia drops her silent magic and goes for Seri’s throat. Can’t have that now….Einarr crushes Nualia in a bear hug usng the haft of his two-hander axe, then the rest of us wade in, grabbing arms and legs and now she’s not going anywhere. Ryan steps in and drops some necklace on Nualia, then she’s out like a light. More weird magic. But I guess she’s saved now. Still looks like a demoness to me. Anywy, today is not yer day, Lamashtu! Nualia and her vile kin stopped, Morin avenged, gold and loot taken, time for seven or eight foamy steins of Citadel Adbar Shroom Squeezins!

Cerie's Journal
Divine Intervention

Well, that’s finally over with. I appreciate those angel beings coming to Ryan and me to offer help, but it’s not much help when the rest of the party keeps demanding explanations. Believe me, I would’ve liked to tan the skin off her murderous hide too, but no! And we can’t even tell them why or the help vanishes! Certainly would help if Ryan would speak up a bit instead of letting me do all the talking (translation: let me take the brunt of the interrogation!). It’s all so frustrating. I’m glad I didn’t officially join up. Helping out is wonderful, but I prefer not being under contractual obligation to do so.

Anyways, I hope I don’t get zapped or cursed or anything for this or lose the abundant blessings of the gods for this but really, I thought divine intervention normally meant a chosen of the god or goddess being blessed with special abilities in a crisis situation, not a shag session! I can’t believe all these good and innocent townfolk have died, damage done, panic and fear spread, all because an angel couldn’t keep his divine sword its holy little loincloth! Why does our town have to pay the price for this? She’s his daughter, maybe if he had been there for her instead of dumping her with Father Tobin, yet another innocent who has paid the ultimate price, this could have been prevented. I want to know where Nualia’s mother is in all of this. I guess she couldn’t just say no to an angelic being. I’d like to hope that at least she was willing. As much as I’m annoyed with Glorious what’s his name, I’d hope that he would never be capable of such a thing; he is an angel of Desna after all. Oh well, I’m just frustrated and annoyed that we’re cleaning someone else’s mess, someone who should be completely capable of snapping his holy fingers and making everything better. Men, divine or not, and their daggers, sheesh… Maybe I’ll write a song about a man losing his, umm, walking staff, yea, that’s it, after using it improperly as a cautionary tale.

Before I forget, I have been working on a dirge for Morin. He was a hothead, but he was our hothead, Desna bless him!

Tune of Greensleeves…

There was a dwarf named Morin

Skilled at craft and bodkin


He held his own most gallantly

Made gobbies weep for mommy

It’s a work in progress…

Oh and that reminds me, I hope after we get this all sorted out that we can try to fine Lord Foxglove. His overtures did make me feel a bit strange and odd, but I did like it, as much as I do know not to let flattery get the better of me. I hope he’s not past the point of rescue. :(

Rain and Quicklings

From the journal of Czevok-

What a long night and morning it has been. Rain all through the night from some crazy spell caster got us stuck in a cave for a few hours. I love the rain but not when it is coming down that hard from something magical. But then again, unless its something helping my bow do real damage to an enemy, magic is a cheap way to deal with things and never lasts as we are seeing now that the rain has let up some. This rain kills my tracking skills though. I don’t know who the old lady in the cave was, but she made a mean stew that i definitely needed after eating these dried out rations. Hopefully this new addition to our party will be a worthwhile companion, who might dress strangely but he has a mean spectral hand which did wonders for us against the quickling we faced after our stay in the cave. THAT QUICKLING!!!! How dare he take a potshot at Zephyr? The only time I have ever been more pissed off at an enemy is when dealing with those undead. NOONE messes with my wolf companion, NOONE! I could care less about the gnolls and dire hyena who appeared, or even that giant creature showed up once i saw that quickling again. I only wish i could have snapped that little guy’s neck while he was being grabbed. At least Ragnar took him out between the shoulder blades as he was running away like a coward, at least that gave me some relief. I wanted to run over and stab him a few more times but i dont want to ostracize myself from my companions more than I already seem to do somehow. I can’t even get the other elf in our group to take my side.

Nualia also almost got away too during the fight, and i was almost hoping she would so i could have an excuse to get rid of her and be done with dragging her body with us. So what if it has something to do with some bigwig getting mad? If they want something big done they should do it themselves or Cerie and Father Ryan should get a move on on getting this taken care of.

Oh well, another day another adventure, guess i shouldnt complain too much, at least i got to experience something new.

Eye of the Storm

From the journal of Ragnar-

We find out the redemption of Nualia has to take place in Sandpoint. Time to move before more enemies come to Nualia’s aid. Don’t trust the magic of the necklace to keep her subdued forever. Had to drag the wizard away from the library/lab. Guess he wanted to get some mucus samples and look at the pretty pictures in the books. Must be great magic power in them—we shall return so that Eloam can decipher their mysteries. Grab a few coins and baubles from Karzoug’s shiny hoard on the way out – haha!

We force some of that gobbo shaman’s potion rotgut of no breathing down Nualia’s throat so she can survive the trip out through the submerged tunnel. Once we reach the surface, the sea is churning and an unnatural storm is brewing. On the rocky shore, our old escape rope is nowhere to be seen, we left it here hanging from the cliff top, but it’s gone. Storm’s getting worse – we have to move fast. Skor hands me a potion that lets me climb like a bloody spider and up I go to the top to secure a new rope, moving stealthily. Up top, the gobbos left a present, a worg guard. Doesn’t see me till my axes are buried in him. Filthy beast. I toss the body off the cliff, then shout a friendly warning to those below. Don’t want any elves smashed unawares now do we. Better that they see it coming and then get smashed! Hear a good meaty thud followed by curses and grumbles. Haha! And the elves say dwarves have no sense of humor. Still, gotta hand it to ‘em again they know how to take a joke. Had to stop and pause for a second. Maybe these elves aren’t so bad after all. Nah! <grins>

All climb up, and the storm hits full force. Definitely not natural. Something is angry with us, I can feel it. All the better to have gotten Nualia out of there as fast as possible. But the ship is gone. A messenger onshore tells us the captain had to sail away from the storm. All good with me, rather trek on my sturdy boots than sail on those things and trust to the sea god’s mercy. Our trusty ranger friends find us. My firetail mountain lion and Czevok’s prowling wolf. Fine animals! Good friends! The storm is dire now, we hustle through the forest, torrential rain downpour practically blinding us. But there’s no stopping this company, we move on. Even the elves don’t complain but soldier on grimly like good dour dwarves do. Mayhap elves deserve more respect than we dwarves have been giving ‘em. Damn undwarvish thoughts! What would Morin say? Ha! But it has been a wild ride and they’ve shown themselves to made of stronger steel than I thought. Better not tell the dwarves back home about this. <grins>

A bear, a bloody bear meets us in the middle of the woods and grunts and wants us to follow. Damndest thing ever saw…but we get a strange feeling and follow it anyway, on alert. Takes us to a cave and we can smell a fine stew cooking! The gods’ favor is with us. It’s that mystical woman from town, some strange weedy gnome and the half-orc Voar, of all folks! Turns out that mystic woman has some powerful magic, she’s old, old, old and some kind of protector of the land. Her stew restores the warmth in our bones and the strength in our arms. She tells a story of her nemesis, some sea hag woman who’s responsible for the storm and doesn’t want us to redeem Nualia. Warns us some priestess of Lamashtu is after us, too. AND, the bloody sea serpent and bunyip are her pets! Some pets, trying to devour us. Needs to keep ‘em on a leash if you ask me. She wishes us well and vanishes in a cloud of mist. By thunder, that was a sight! Powerful magic, a good ally to have. Now the gnome Bellaxerix and Voar are with us. Skor assures us Bella is a good sort. I trust the gnome’s judgement. The half-orc Voar wields a mighty axe. His steel is welcome, even if he doesn’t know how to deal with gnomes!

We set out again, rested up a bit, but are set upon by a wicked quickling. So fast, just a blur as he darts in with a poisoned sword, taunting. For hours we try to get a bead on him, luring him in, slashing with our weapons at a quivering bush and unleashing magic, but he’s too fast. We hardly nick him, though he makes a few mistakes here and there. Maybe not as smart as he thinks he is. We move on, always watching for him, withstanding his attacks thanks to Ryan’s good magic. We teach him a thing or two about who he’s messing with, but can’t shake the feeling this bloody quickly could be the end of us. But not without a fight!! The elf Czevok climbs a tree and lures him in, then we manage to get a few wounds on him and he retreats like a coward. But he’s just delaying us as we see when his reinforcements arrive. Filthy gnolls, the biggest damn hyena I ever saw and the bloody orc priestess of Lamashtu arrive. It’s a nasty fight, plenty of axe-work and magic, but they get the bad end of things and we cut them down. Nualia’s tranquilizing necklace breaks and she starts to stir, but Ceri’s magic sends her into a slumber and Ryan’s holy powers mend the necklace. A close one, that! Quickling lures a huge lizard beast into our camp. Never seen such a ravening, powerful beast before, and we fight for our lives. A glorious end, or a glorious victory! Either one will be the stuff of legends. The quickling is back. He has the stubbornness of dwarves! We are bloodied, wounded bad, but we’re giving them hell with steel and magic. Bella’s magic knocks the senses out of the quickling and he drops his bloody poison sword, swaying!! Damn fine people to have around in a fight, gnomes are! You never know what amazing trick they’ll pull. I’m full of bloodlust for that quickling and want to break him with my bare hands. He can’t get away now. Seize him and start to crush and twist while Ryan snatches up his sword. But that quickling is supernaturally fast and he worms his way out of my grasp and flees. Not so tough without your sword, eh? The giant lizard beast goes down, I’m amazed by the strength of my comrades, thought that thing would be the end of us. We hack and slash and hurl magic at the quickling as he flees, giving him a deserved send off. Looks like he’s about to get away again, but I still have my bow. Pull back the bow as hard as I can till it creaks with tension, take a bead on the center of the little filth’s back and let fly. I see the arrow speed faster than even the quickling can run, and with a hard thud it penetrates his back and knocks him over. He’s bloody and not moving. I run over and thrash him around in fury, gotta make sure he’s done for good. We snatch victory from the jaws of death once again. These are truly heroic comrades I am blessed with. Proud to call them my friends (just don’t tell the elves!).

What Glorious Puddles!!!
Bellaxarix's Journal

The madam asked me to help this lot, and who am I to tell such a wondrous lady no? It shant’ be too bad I think, after all they already have one of my ilk with them. Skor is a good fellow, he helped me with my beautiful picture. I must say though, they dress a little drab, but maybe I can get them to lighten up and enjoy the finer things in life. I love chalk, it’s always good to let one contemplate the deeper meanings of existence..ooOOoo a feather.

Splash, splash, splash… I love puddles. <sigh> it’s sad now one wants to jump in the puddles with me. But Skor and I taught that mean old orc a lesson…and helped the human see to boot. That was nice so nice of us…and not even a thank you. But that’s humans for you, too young to have learned good manners. Ooo a BIG puddle.

Hmm he was a fast one and put the smart elf to sleep. <sigh> I wish he would have told me he was going to put an elf to sleep, I would have asked him to make the other elf sleep instead. The smart one asks fun questions. Although how smart can he be if he doesn’t even know where Gnomes come from. Maybe elves just live too long and lose memory with age and forget to remember the important things. Poor elves. Ooo the quick fun one is back.

Ok he is not my friend. He made me sleep and miss most of the fun. NOT NICE!!! Then he goes a running off when I wake up. Just wait til I see him again. OOO I like that stone.

Nihm and I think that lizard just needs a hug..although Nihm doesn’t seem to want to do it. He is hiding in my cloak again. OWWW that beastie hurts…the orcs can hug him..I’m not going too. I should have listened to Nihm. YAY the dwarf finished off the quick little thing. I like the dwarf…he’s not an elf. OOO more toenails for my collection!!!

Heh Heh..that will teach the mean elf. Let’s see how he likes bright pink boots and a bright pink bow when he wakes up. I wonder when I will be able to go finish my drawing… Ooo tree bark.

*New Friends in Strange Places*
Einarr's Journal

We made it to Sandpoint. Some thank the gods, others still just call it “dumb luck.” I believe it is every persons whit, courage, magic, and steel that got us through this. With all the mistakes the eternal beings keep making, I’m surprised that this would still exists. If it weren’t for my friends I would not be in this fight. It is folly and no end will come to it, I can promise you that. Regardless, we’re here and safe. Niska caught me off guard, lemme tell ya. As soon as we got there she looked me dead in the eye with fury. She got mad at me for hurting her pets. Come on now what am I to do? A sea serpent attacked the ship, I protected it. A bunyip was snacking on a sulking elf, I protected him. What was I to do? How was I to know? Here it is again, these eternal beings with awesome power, not even giving us a hint of what is going on. It sickens me. I’m not asking for gold, eternal life, or power. All I want is to live a full and happy life. All really seems hopeless with all this chaos in the world with no control. Life lightened up a bit I guess (literally). Along with Niska came Voak and a brightly colored gnome named Bell. (At least that’s what I call him because I don’t dare try to say, let alone spell, his name.) Funny guy, I think, others think differently. I couldn’t help but laugh at his drawings on the wall of the cave. We all had our brief hellos and Niska vanished into thin air. Imagine that I guess. Soon after and a bite to eat we headed out to Sandpoint with what warning we had from Niska. It is interesting what kind of beings you meet along the way when you have an eternal being trying to kill you. Lemme see a speedy fairy, some barbarian knolls, a hyena, and a hot woman. It’s a shame we had to kill the woman. Anyway the first encounter we killed everything but the little Fay creature. How do they say it? That’s right out of the pot into the fire, we end up having to fight the huge lizard thing. We downed it of coarse but not without that little thing stabbing us in the backs. Damn poison, I want to give a piece of my mind to the being who created it. Trying to get the thing off of Father Ryan he stabs me and I go unconscious. I missed that last bit of the battle with Bells epic cast that stunned the runt and Ragnars awesome shot from a mile away. That would have been wonderful to see but I’m glad I could just help. I’ll be here whenever they need me.

Where abouts of Rodrick Quint.

Alright guys we got the bastard child Demon. After we redeem her, Atalanta and I need to set out to find Rodrick Quint or whatever his name is. The Pathfinder Society is not going to be happy with us coming back with no information or evidence of where he is. I know Eloam is coming with us for his own reasons. I was wondering if the rest of my friends would like to come with us. I mean I hope you come with us, it’s kind of a scary world out there.


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