Protectors of Sandpoint

What was that place?

First things first, it looks like things will be right between Nualia and her god now. It has been a long strange trip, but now its over. Hopefully Nualia will be safe in her new life. Only time will tell. With the amulet, she should be reasonably safe from her past associates. Still, the further she gets from Sandpoint, the better. At least for now.

The happenings of the last few weeks have left me with many questions. Few of which I can answer now. First, the boy. Is he of this world or not. My first guess would be no. If Ceruleana is correct, celestials reproduce with a thought. As we have seen, the boys conception was of a more carnal nature. Still, only time will tell. He bears watching. If he does begin to manifest, what should be done? Sandpoints ability to corrupt a celestials nature is now known, but where to move him to, and who should guide him. My first thought would be a priest, but that didn’t work out so well with Nualia…

Another question is the nature of the place where Nualias soul/spirit was kept. I had heard of alternate planes before, but this was my only firsthand experience with one. It seemed like the entire plane was conjured out of Nualias thoughts. When the thoughts guiding the plane are confused, we get the chaos we saw. What if the thoughts controlling a plane were more focused, disciplined? The potential for such a place would be almost limitless.

While setting Nualia right has been a worthwhile goal, it has cost us time. Parts of Thissletop remain unexplored. Is that place cursed like Sandpoint? The desire of the various humanoid factions to control it is apparent, but is this normal behavior for such savages?

Lastly, it looks like I may get to see Rodrick Quint again. Assuming we can free him from whomever has him brought him to the pyramid. I wonder what he has learned of the ancient mysteries. I don’t think he has figured out Sandpoints curse yet. Who knows what he may have gleaned from the pyramid so far. When we meet again, we have much to discuss…

Good Riddance Foul Demon!

From the Journal of Skor Uran, Gnome and Master of Fire Entry TWO Finally! We’re in Sandpoint again. After Sneaking past the guards we take Nualia to my place. I hope this is over soon. The others are trying to figure out how to redeem Nualia. So someone has the bright idea of bringing Nualia’s child here, and that will do it. Here we go trying to convince the store owner to let us take his child for a while…nothing suspicious about that huh!? Well here goes maybe I can smooth talk him..What just happened? Voar is gonna mess this all up! Ugh! Smelly Half-Orc! Thank Desna for Cerie stepping in. I was gonna have to make Voar toasty later.

So we have the kid, and after some ridiculous babbling back and forth we finally get Devil Girl Nualia to realize she was really really stupid, and now we have to get some one to help her atone for her wrong doings. This should be interesting…

Finally we make it to a Temple of Desna where they can Help, but they say we must go and come back…huh? Ok so we go and end up battling some worgs and a big nasty that is fast as all get out! easy work! One of my rays turns a Worg to dust instantly! YEAH! Now back to the temple.

What is this woman doing? does she not realize we know she is a priestess of Lamashtu? Talk about dumb! So now we are back in the temple, and are being separated inot men and women groups…oh thats because we get some bright white robes. Very dull and boring if you ask me. We are now led to the chamber where we shall help with the atonement.

Wow! we were sucked into a really dark place that looks like Sandpoint. If Sandpoint was dark, creepy and a set at the theatre…So it turns out tha we are in Nualia’s head and things are playing out according to her Diary…very strange indeed….Each fight seems to last until we move on to the next entry. Very crazy thoughts she has. AHAH! A chain demon! I think she was the one who tricked Nualia into the evil deeds she has done. Voar and I go Invisible to sneak around her, and it seems to work…almost. She came out of nowhere and smacked Voar around! well I like fire but I notice all that metal…hehe…time for some lightning from my wand…HA! got her! A few blast of this and one more from Voar finishes her off! Whew! what a relief that is…Nualia is saved at last!



That certainly took long enough! How strange it was to see our little Sandpoint in such a corrupted vision. At least we defeated those monsters of her mind and managed to rescue Nualia. Poor thing. I’ve always been a bit haunted by her, not just because she is celestial, but because, as they say, there but for the grace of Desna go I. I could easily be in her position, many of us could. Our positions in life are so fragile. We’re the lucky ones. I suppose that’s why I was so protective of her, so insistant, and why her father came to me and to Ryan. Before we leave this place though, I plan on asking around about what’s been happening to me. I still have to tell the others, but while we’re here at Windsong, I may as well ask if anyone can tell if I’ve been cursed or anything else. Desna, protect me. On a lighter note, I’m so glad to have little Beallcerix around again! He was such a colorful friend and our acquiatance was so short, no pun intended, that we hardly knew him. I’m so glad he’s come back to us. I don’t think anyone can now question Nualia’s redemption. She never would’ve done such a thing if she was still… what she was. I’m sure some could argue that she did it simply to comvince us to go on that dangerous expedition to rescue her soul, but I don’t think so. I’m not so far gone that I refuse to believe in the good in people, or angels. The day I become like that, only seeing the worst, is the day I need to retire. I just hope nothign sinister is awaiting me upon our rerturn to Sandpoint. I’m becoming more afraid. I can handle most things, lackeys of Lamashtu, rescuing a fallen angel’s soul, ogres and goblins, even town politics, but whatever, whoever is doing this… I can face monsters in front of me, but not a thief in the night. I just pray he doesn’t steal my soul. Desna, save me, and if that can not be, protect those I love when I fall.

Mysteries upon mysteries

Well, I so wisely decided to stay home while they went on their little errand to the temples. I felt a little guilty at not going after I’m the one who insisted on salvation for Nualia, but I felt like they sort of deserved it after all the second guessing they kept giving me. Of course the time I do go is the time we get ambushed. I’m sort of getting used to it, these sort of things used to scare me somewhat, but now they’ve become par for the course. I don’t know what happened to change me, but when those goblins attacked at the Swallowtail festival, I just knew I had to stand and fight, that hiding in the temple would do no good. Even though I almost had my own hide handed to me, I’m glad I stood my ground. I was honestly surprised at those who didn’t. This is our home, you’d think more people would want to protect it, but I suppose some people aren’t the fighting type, that they help in their own different ways. Speaking of different ways and being nervous, I have no idea what’s going on with my things. I’m starting to get a bit paranoid. The thing that turns my stomach the most was the ring for Norian. If someone could take that, it means they were close enough to slit my throat… or worse. My nightgown, my costume, my favorite doll I’ve kept for years, all gone. I really am starting to get worried. I have only three theories: Norian, fey, or Foxglove. Norian always has been a bit obsessive and if he decides to turn nasty he’s got quite a few friends that could make things even nastier. I pray to Desna that it’s not fey, if they’re angry with you, you can forget ever sleeping well again. I think this is a bit doubtful though because fey wouldn’t have to break an entering and I can’t thinking of anything I could’ve possibly done to have upset any fey. Even more sinister I fear than they fey could be Foxglove. He was interested in me and I in him, if I’m honest, but if something truly evil has happened to him… I just pray that’s he’s safe until we can’t investigate his… situation. Desna if you have any mercy for your faithful servants, please don’t let him have been… turned. I think that’s enough doom and gloom for now, although I suppose I should tell the others. Sigh

Lamashtu's Vengeance
Posted by Ragnar

So here we are. The temples agree to help Nualia. They were a bit stubborn about it, trying my patience, but at least there was beer and wenches to compensate! Won’t come down to see Nualia, eh? So we bring her to them. Knew this wouldn’t be easy, Lamashtu’s eye is upon us. Keeping my eyes on Nualia at all times, too, in case she “backslides”. Well, we’ve got a cure for that if need be (pats axe). Looks like she’s turned the proper leaf, though. Downright remorseful, it seems. Back to town to get Nualia and convince her to journey to the temple. Looks like she was well guarded in our absence. She agrees, and we’re off through the wilderness again. That’s ok with me, we know our way around and anything that tries to interfere will regret it. Still, I should’ve seen it coming. They found us somehow, cut us off and launched an ambush while we weren’t lookin’. Ogres…they were bigger and smellier than I expected, and yet again something seems to be empowered by Lamashtu’s magic. Had those ogres well managed at first, till that cursed magic started to interfere. Lost my cat. Cvevok lost his wolf. All to some sort of fiendish fire conjured out of nowhere. Filled me with a cold fury, it did. Thought that might be the end of us all as I watched Bella fall. That’s no way for a gnome to go. Maybe accidentally launched a mile by some massive crazy catapult machine to their death, yea a gnome would like that, but this fire is evil. ‘Cept maybe the kind Skor uses….or is it any different? Good magic of the earth—that’s what I set my stock and trade in, but only after axe and shield have failed. Have to say, I did get a tickle out of those entangling briars, though half my mind is warning me about using magic. Where did it come from? Must be a woodland god out there what likes me <chuckle>. Well, Lamashtu, we’re still here, we have magic of our own, and you haven’t stopped us, yet. We’ll redeem Nualia just to spite ya, I vow. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll pay you a visit, as well. I raise my stein to Bella, and to vengeance! Hmm, wonder if there’s beer in gnome heaven…

This is so stupid...
This is sooo stupid... where's my Drink!

Skor’s place, hmmm, way too small for me. Almost hit my head in the door dragging Nualia in. Was nothing to do while they sat there trying to remember how to make Nualia come around. Off to the Rusty Dragon I went. Needed a good buzz after having to get through everything we’ve been through. Got up the next morning not remembering a thing except Grok talking about his creature lovin’ self. Then it was off the City of Temples. I really hoped they have an inn there that serves ale. What do you know, a god who actually supports my habit. Well after a few days of drunken bliss it was back to get Nualia to some priest. I don’t care as long as we come back. I need to finish my would tour of Ales, laugers, and curious Liquors. What do you know, some ogers and another Priestess of Lamashtu. Big surprise. The damn Priestess had to paralyze me just before I was going to lop her head off, go figure. Nualia did some damage surprisingly. But all and all we sadly lost our new little friend Bell. I’m sorry to see him go. He brighten everyone’s life one way or another. Rest in Peace my friend.

The Aftermath

The scene around you is the aftermath of a chaotic battle, punctuated by the wet sucking noise as Einarr wrenches his axe out of the skull of the foul ogre priestess. The bodies of the ogre guards lay scattered about the clearing, nearly hiding the shape of Ryan and Cerie tending to the vicious axe wounds suffered by Voar from the huge blades of the giants. As the noxious vapors and vile energy of Lamashtu begin to clear the air, a quiet stillness settles over the area, broken only by the heartwrenching, pitiful cries of Bellaxarix’s familiar as he nudges the blackened gnome over and over, waiting in vain for him to awaken. The head count begins…Einarr is cleaning his weapon, Eloam is stirring the ashes of his magically bound serpents as if looking for their bones, Skor intensely searches the ogress, looking for the source of her fiery magic, Czevok mutters as he moves about the clearing searching for unbroken arrows to salvage. “Of course the ale had to be lost as well,” snorts Ragnar, kicking a blackened fragment of his ale cask in disgust. A bravely fought battle, but one tinged with sadness as a brave companion fell protecting Nualia on her way to Windsong Abbey. You see a tear run down her cheek and mingle with her snowy locks as she kneels down to carefully wrap the body of your fallen comrade in a blanket. “He died because of me, “ she says mournfully as she wraps the folds of one of the surviving camp blankets over his burned visage. With a heavy heart, you continue your journey to the City of Temples, this time on foot.

A gnomish view...

I see now why The Madam has place me inthe folds of this group. They DEFINITELY need the guidance of good ole’ gnomish wisdom. I can tell skor has tried to give them guidance, but alas sometimes the larger ones are a bit slow to understand the words of wisdom. But now since there are two of us, what wonders we should be able to open their eyes to.

UHHHGH the elves just draw everything out. Don’t over think it. Of course we don’t want to go to Magnimar, any place is always better than there.

OOOOO I love this city. Such a wonderful alchemy store filled with baubles, and bubbles, and bibbles and babbles. The wayfinders really know how to put a place together. I wonder if they will let Skor and I join? it would be such fun…such enormous fun.


Took forever, but we finally got Nualia! If the rest of the party manages not to kill her (or me) before we get to restore her, this should be a great accomplishment. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I hope Glorius what’s his name remembers this in the future.

That quickling was a total duche and I’m so glad Ragnar nailed him. Maybe now we can start looking for Quint and Foxglove. I’ve been turning it over in my mind and I sort of like Aldern too. A match with him would be good, maybe even excellent, for my father and he seems quite the amiable sort. If he stays as doting towards me as he is now, I’d be lucky to have that kind of husband. I just have to remember it’s merely musings for now, no counting my chickens before they’re hatched. I’d also have to consider how it would affect my adventuring, I’ve grown quite attached to this sort of thing.

I’m also quite surprised to find out the truth at long last about Madam V. I can’t believe she’s that old and powerful! I’m glad she was able to heal the bunyip. It did chase that nasty elf after all, it can’t be that bad. He can be kind of rude sometimes, though I think he means well. You figure he’d be more graacious towards someone that’s half his own kind and pulled him off that wall the gobbies staked him to, but maybe he’s prejudiced against half-elves like me. I’ve just never come up against that before. It makes me sad…

Are We There Yet?

From the Journal of Skor Uran, Gnome and Master of Fire.

Entry ONE

After a long and furious battle we finally managed to pacify Nualia the Demonic Beast who nearly killed me twice. I swear that during the battle I left my body. I felt like I was floating around the room as my companions fought on and my body just lay there cold and lifeless. It was like a dream or a night involving lots of ale. I wish it was the ale.

So we made our way back out of the huge statue and wouldn’t you know it the ship was gone. I cant say as I blame him though…it was storming quite hard. So we decided to start walking back to town to finish all this nonsense about saving Nualia…Im not sure what to think of that.

So we are walking in this crazy storm and all of the sudden there is a wierd bear that ends up leading us to a cave. I was very suspicious, so I got ready to burn the first thing that moved at us. But then when we got inside and Maddam Vashti was there, and she brought Voar and another Gnome. It was a very pleasanr surprise. Plus they brought stew which was great because I was starving. After a little while of talking and warning us…I think…I was very busy being entertained by our new Gnome friend’s drawing of the Elf being eaten… so back to the point Maddam Vashti warned us of another witch out there that might try and destroy Sandpoint and some of her minions are out to get us. After the talk she disappeard out the mouth of the cave just like a ghost or something. It was very neat trick.

So a little while later, it turns out maddam Vashti was right. We began getting harrassed by a rather annoying fellow that kept disapearing and being a total nuisance. Then after a while of trying to push on past this pest we were attacked by the priestess Vashti warned us about and some of her minions. After a rather ugly battle which I managed to save half the party yet again…we headed on our way back to town. This wasnt the last we heard of the pest though… Oh no that would be too easy…instead he lured this giant lizard monster straight to our camp. Yet another horrific battle commenced…Long story short…I toasted that big nasty lizard in the end, and good old Ragnar landed an amazing longshot on that little trouble maker. Thank Desna!

Here is the Link for the Real Journal


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