Protectors of Sandpoint

Very Beneficial

Assignment Log # 46

Not only did we successfully defeat the slavers, we also got a fair amount of loot. There was the down payment the slavers had received for their current cargo, the wages of the sailors, and plenty of money on the bodies, not to mention thousands of gold coins worth of jewels and other material possessions. We also gained control of the ship, which is worth at least 10000gp on the market. I believe that is going to be given to the SEF, however, to defend the harbor of Sandpoint or something like that. This did, however, give me an opportunity to relocate 25 halflings to work on the ship. Einarr did not seem very enthused at the prospect of having a mostly halfling crew, but he came around eventually. Now we are on our way to Magnimar, and Bell finally seems to have accepted it. On our way, however, we were attacked by trolls in the middle of the night. I’m not entirely sure why, but there was an invisible orc that came around back, his face covered in warpaint, who tried to carry off bell. The odd thing was that Skor was also knocked out, and the orc wasn’t interested in him. Although we were able to fend off our attackers, I’m going to keep a closer eye on Bellaxarix. Now that some of our horses have been taken out, the trip to Magnimar is going to take longer than expected. As long as we get there safley, though, I have no complaints.

Finally, Magnimar!
Cerie's entry

For a place I didn’t really feel much like coming back to, I’m so glad to finally make it to Magnimar! I offered for the widow Scarnetti to come along with me on the ship and to help get her settled in Magnimar. Her husband might have been a business rival of my father and a not so nice man, but the woman did just lose her husband.

The journey was uneventful and I had time to go through my new wardrobe. I’m almost waiting for someone from Sandpoint to show up and yell at me for not handing them over. Well, I’ve taken nothing of the items we’ve found for myself except my rapier and my harp, there might have been a ring or two, but I know I’m blessed to have a decent lifestyle and I won’t be greedy. Even the Eye of Magnimar that we found I didn’t claim for myself really; I gave it to my father for it to find it’s way back to the appropriate people in a way that would give us (the SEF) the best benefit. I know my friends don’t begrudge me, I’m just starting to expect the worst with all this recent insanity.

I was so happy to see Mama! It seems like it’s been forever and she was so happy to see me. I kept it a surprise, though, so she didn’t know I was coming. She was also surprised to see that I brought everything with me. I told her it was unlikely that I’d be returning to Sandpoint for quite a while and I was basically relocating. It’s not as if I had that much, but it is a little off putting when you realize everything you own in the world can be put in a medium size trunk and the rest carried on your back. I miss Ada (elvish for Papa), but I missed Mama too, I’ll adjust, just like I always do.

It Just had to be Slavers...

Assignment Log #45

Those damn, dirty slavers. It’s just my luck they would attack the very town I was staying in. It’s too bad for them that my companions and I had not left, or there would have been very little resistance. They were very well-armed, and even had some Gargoyles to help them. The gargoyles were determined to sink our ship, but the we defeated them too quickly. The problem we had was with the serpent. A massive sea serpent attacked our ship, eating several of the crew. I’m not entirely sure it’s dead, either. Once the beast had been taken out of the picture, we proceeded to attack the Grey Raiders’ ship. Before we managed to board the ship, one of their mages managed to set off a few fireballs. They also set up some sort of wall made of wind, protecting them not only from projectile attacks, but also any and all who would try to jump from the center. My barbaric companion, Einarr, and I, however, took a different route. We swung from a very steep angle, thereby passing the wall. He took down several of their stronger adversaries, while I went below decks, finding myself a new friend, also barbaric. He had broken free of the chains with which he was bound, and I proceeded to help him out of the cage he was held within. Once we had gotten out, he proceeded to bash in the skull of the mage who had previously devastated our personnel. I got back into the fray, helping Einarr with a bodyguard who had cornered him. Cerie, however was incredibly worried about the prisoners, who I had seen merely seconds ago. I returned below decks, and what do I see but the Priest from before, bashing the mostly unarmed prisoners, and surrounded by a sickening, green light. Soon after me, my new friend, whose name I still do not know, came running down the hallway, and took a swing with his massive hammer. I stood behind him, and took a shot with my hand crossbow. The bolt met it’s mark, and the green light faded. After a short while, the powerhouses had defeated the priest, with his deadly mace fueling his body no longer.

Slavers...It had to be Slavers
Cerie's Ramblings

This town just won’t let me go! Here I’m trying to be good and not get myself in any trouble…

I heard some racket and went to investigate. Eloam and I were the only ones on the beach and saw what we were later told were Gray Raiders, slavers, trying to take the townsfolk! We couldn’t do anything, it was hopeless. Everything we tried they countered, even when Eloam made me fly so we could try to hit from another angle, there were Gargoyles that swooped down! Eventually, I did make at least one shot, though I think the Sheriff’s arrows did much more than mine did. The dressmaker managed to get away and I got her out of the rocks, but the rest got away.

Eloam and I made for town to get a boat going after the Corsair and sloops. I tried to get Madam Mvashti to help but she wasn’t home, which worried me greatly. Several sailors and guardsmen were killed and wounded in the raid on the inns and bulidings where they attacked. Jorgi Quinn of the Hagfish was hurt pretty badly trying to defend some of his customers.

Finally we got the ship going and I called the wind to speed us. I don’t mean to be boastful, but if I hadn’t been there to call the wind, I don’t think we would’ve ever caught up. The sea witch’s serpent attacked our ship and there were sharks in the water which really worried me more about Mvashti’s well being, but then a giant turtle came and held the Corsair so it couldn’t escape and Mvashti messaged me a few times giving me direction and assuring me of her safety. The damn slavers started killing their prisoners and some of them dove overboard to escape, but we managed to defeat them.

As the Sheriff said, there won’t be a need for any trials. It might be gruesome, but I’m going to suggest that we send the heads of their heaviest fighters and leaders back to wherever the Gray Raiders are based as a warning to not come to Sandpoint ever again. I really hate the idea, but when you’re dealing with scum like that, the only thing they listen to is a display of deadly force and brutality worse than their own. If there’s one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s slavers…just disgusting.

In all the chaos, I haven’t been able to find out yet who was taken and who is still alive, but I pray the children I saw being dragged off are not among the dead or wounded.

From Bad to Worse
Assignment log #44

It just had to be Hellknights, didn’t it.Things just went from bad to worse, although I’m glad they didn’t stick around and question us. The fact is, however, my associate and I can’t stay around any Hellknights too long, whether they be of the Order of the Rack, Scourge, Nail, Chain, or any other Order for that matter. If I heard correctly, Cerie said something about another order of knights coming to Sandpoint. Whether they be knights or Hellknights, we need to get out. While Magnimar doesn’t seem an ideal destination at first glance, hiding under the radar might be just what needs to be done. If anything, Bell can stay in the bag, just as he has been recently. He seems to like it in there anyway. I believe these people are going to Magnimar anyway, and I might be able to accompany them. This Aldern guy we fought was interesting, and I kinda want to find out what that note was about. At the very least, if we go to Magnimar, I can have some fun at the brothels. I needed to get some more Bachelor Snuff anyway, and if I’m not mistaken, they often offer it to go with Brothel services. I just need to make sure of one thing. Although normally, I’d be on great terms with a servant of Torag, this paladin is a little out there. I need to make sure I am never alone with him, nevermind sharing the watch with him.

Cerie's Journal
Recent Events

An entry in two parts:

I was brave, which would’ve been hard for me a few months ago. I surrendered willingly to the Hellknights which was quite a scary thing to do, but I didn’t want my friends or my family to suffer any repercussions. It would’ve been nice if the sherriff had told them he let me go instead of making me out to be some sort of fugitive, but I understand his reasoning.

The choice the Merelictor gave me was, of course, unfair since she practically knew I was innocent, but I guess for her, it was being generous. Apparently I made her miss out on a promotion earning mission and now I owe her a favor. Great, Hellknight lackey is never something I aspired to being… I’ll just have to hope she never calls in anything too compromising, but knowing her the little that I do, it’ll probably be more political than battle-related, at least not directly.

I must say I quite surprised. Of course I chose the beating over trial in Magnamar, I don’t want to even imagine what the Hells would be like while I was awaiting trial and then what the punishment would be (shudder). But to beat an armored Hellknight in single combat without any of my own weapons? That was shocking (no rapier pun intended). Let’s see, just so it’s recorded: he rushed me, I dodged and tripped him, he faceplanted, I jumped on his head and neck with both feet, he started to get up, I kicked him in the face, he got up and punched me which hurt a little, but not much, I grabbed the chair and broke it across his head and chest, and down he went.

(Occ: Natural 20 on the chair break, 4HP damage when he punched me, lasted 2 rounds out of what was supposed to be a minute, and yes I used 4 Hero Points, but hey that’s what they’re for right?)

Of course the Merelictor and the others seemed none to pleased with their comrade and actually dragged him out by his foot and let his horse drag him through the mud. I’ll have to remember Padrig the Hellknight Initiate and stay well clear. Even if he was just an Initiate, it was still little unarmed me against a big armored brawler! Which was taken out in less than half a minute if I might add…

The most amusing part was when the Merelictor literally decked me. I understood she couldn’t have me walk out of there without a scratch, but it sort of ticked me off. I beat her man fair and square and I desereved to walk out of there with my unbloodied head held high. So I cast a cure spell on myself when she turned her back… hee hee…

Part II:

At least that’s relieved, and I’m no longer diseased, however there’s still the problem of the house and Foxglove’s maker and his house in Magnimar. At least I gathered the funds for Ada’s business moves, that’s definitely quite an achievement for our family. An achievement that I think is changing things a bit for me.

When I saw the eyes of the Hellknight roll back in his head, for a moment I felt sick. I thought I had killed him and it didn’t sit well, even if he was a Hellknight and trying to strike me down. Not because I was afraid of the Hellknights, but just because I thought I had ended the life of another human being. Killing goblins trying to eat the town, or bugbears, or lichy undead things is one thing, but another person? It just made me… want to stop.

So, I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to do. I haven’t seen my mother in ages and Ada’s going to be really busy with the buy out of the Scarnetti’s assests and moving up to the Town Council. It’s definitely probably best if I get out of Sandpoint for a while in case any more weirdness takes place, it won’t be on my head. Of course I hate to leave my home and my friends, but I can probably serve everyone best by leaving for at least a little while.

I’m not going to tell the Expeditionary Force just yet. There will be all sorts of questions and debate. I’ll tell them just before I leave. Although I know I’m not leaving Sandpoint forever, in my heart, I know it’ll never really be my home again. I just feel it in my bones, it’s time for me to move on in my life.

Mother could probably use my help in Magnimar, I’m sure she’s lonely and with our recent move up the social ladder, I’m sure things are changing for her there too. I know it might sound petty, but I wouldn’t mind playing the daughter of lesser nobility for a while. I’ve never been interested in politics, but I’m apparently fairly gifted at it. Might as well watch and learn in Magnimar and keep an eye out for my mother.

As far as swordplay goes, I definitely want to take a break. Although I pity the fool who trifles with Cerie the Hellknight Slayer! Of course, I will keep that to myself, no need to exaggerate or earn their ire, but still… hee hee hee.

I will use my resources to help see what can be done about Broderick and the pyramid and of course, I’ll never forget Sandpoint. They’ll always have a friend in Magnimar.

Note: Talk to Ameico about things. She’s a retired adventurer and a quite powerful politican now. She can probably advise me and let me know more of what to expect. And of course, don’t forget to talk to Madam Mvashti!

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
Ragnar's Journal

And so it ends! Aldern Foxglove, doomed by his own ambition to wander as the living dead, driven by his own murder lust to kill for pleasure, goaded by fear into seeking eternal unlife, meets his end. Live by the sword, die by the sword (dwarves must’ve invented that one – ha!!)!

He welcomed us back in his house, eager for more slaughter. Still shaking my head over that one. This cult of murder and undeath is truly insane. There is no end to the depravity and sickness that permeats Foxglove’s haunted mansion and his “colorful” past. And by his letters, we see he was not alone and answers to some mistress who called his undeath his “rebirth.” A little shorter lived than he expected, I’d say! Let the dead lay at rest.

Would that this place should burn, if it weren’t supernaturally possessed. There are still unexplained and possibly undefeated evil here. Don’t like the looks of that spiral pattern of mold, not at all. What could it mean? And what of the nearby farmsteads? More of those ghoul creatures could lurk out there, preying on the hapless folk. The countryside must be purged. What I would give for a troop of sturdy dwarven clansmen. They’d stomp this foulness into the dirt.

It seems to cut the head off this evil, we have more work to do. Have to sweep the countryside, and we may have to make our way to Magnimar, check out Foxglove’s “townhouse” there. Course, that might mean a sea voyage – not looking forward to that! Unnatural things, ships are. I’ll take good solid earth under my feet, any day.

And to boot, we have to get back to town and see what these “Hellknights” are about. Right hand of the king’s law, are they? Well, they may have a few things to learn from this dwarf!

Rule #3: Aldwin is awesome!
Cerie's entry

The battle finally went our way. Aldwin, I will sing your praises! Aldwin the brave, slayer of ghouls and monsters!

I am so relieved! Of course, there still might be something worse we’ll have to face, but what a relief it was to know he was dead! There’s something keeping this house here that must be destroyed. I’ve wanted to burn it, but I’m sure that won’t work. Too simple. We’ll have to dig deeper and hopefully not into more mold. Mold which now seems to have infected me as well. I can’t think of how. If it was from gathering my things it should’ve showed sooner and on my palms, not the back of only one hand. Either way, I’m sure it can be healed, but it still concerns me.

Maybe things are finally going to get better now. Maybe Mamma can come home now, I do miss her.

Cerie's ramblings

Ok, now that we’ve finally figured out we need to get out of here, let’s remember that short people should lead so us tall folk can actually do something other than stand there twidling our thumbs while our other members get pummeled.
This is really creepy still, but I’m sort of over it now. It’s like, hurry up and get it over with. I wish this guy would stop being a coward and face us.
At least Eloam seems to be having a good time, all interested in researching litches, et cetera. At least we had a nice conversation about Varisian culture. I explained about my tatoos, Karpenia, and the dances of my mother’s people. It’s nice that someone notices.
Either way, I really think we should create some sort of plan of attack or strategy before we go in again. This is just getting a little ridiculous in general.

A lich?
From the journal of Eloam

The art in this place seems to indicate that someone was interested in becoming a lich. I wonder if he or she was successful? Could the Foxglove we know be the one. He doesn’t look like a lich. Still the magic needed to fool the eye is fairly easy to master. To anyone who could master the arcane art of lichdom, learning an simple illusion would be childs play.

Still, the house is old. Our Foxglove doesn’t seem that old. Perhaps one of his ancestors made the windows. If there is a lich here, it may be too much for us. Unfortunately, considering the situation, we have little choice but to press on. Still, it might not be as bad as it seems, if we prevail, there could be a lot to learn here. Most obvious, the secret to immortality, might be found here. Fortunately, I am young, and elf blood flows thru my veins. That temptation is easy to resist. While I understand there can be many paths to lichdom, the most well known is learned magic. Perhaps spellbook could be found…


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