Protectors of Sandpoint

Morin's Passing

From the journal of Einarr…

The first day after Morin’s Death.

Well… I’m glad that’s finally over. That was a lot of heartache to get to this point. I wish Morin was here to see it through. But that’s just the way life is, isn’t it. You’re here one day and gone the next. Sometimes I wish I was like him. The dream of dying in battle, weapon in hand, fighting to the death…but I can’t. I’m afraid to die. Afraid to leave behind the ones I love to the torments of this world. I want to die in peace with the knowledge of knowing the ones I leave behind will be safe. All and all we’re alive. It irritates me that Ceruleana didn’t inform us of all the happenings that were and are still going on. So ridiculous.. Doesn’t she understand that when she says to do something that we’re going to ask why? She must know that we will follow her to the end, but she needs to understand that we don’t want to die in vain. Life is precious to all and not all will jump with a leap of faith. I won’t, not any more. Who are these beings that play with us like toys? To torment us with their mistakes and misfortunes. Don’t they realize that it is them that we look to for guidance and protection? Do they understand that we follow their example? Who are these beings that make their mistakes with no punishment? There may be consequence but did not these beings already learn from their mistakes thousands upon thousands of years ago? No being of this world will govern me! Why should I choose or follow any deity to govern me when he or she can not control what is in their very grasp! It saddens and disgusts me, but what choice do I have but to dwell upon myself to protect the ones I love.

It came to pass

Milestones in the game so far:

1. Goblins attack during Swallowtail Festival and Temple Opening. Party defeats goblins with help of Daviren Hosk, stablemaster and goblin hater.

2. Ameiko disappears and party goes looking for her in the Sandpoint Glassworks. Party discovers her brother Tsuto and goblins preparing to assault town, and kills them all, rescuing Ameiko.

3. Party explores the ancient temple and complex under the Glassworks and town, defeating Erylium and exhausting the Runewell.

4. Party discovers smugglers attempting to move dangerous animals through port, acquires the animals, releasing all but the shrunken mammoth. Tracking down the smuggling agent, they discover a band of orc halfbreeds in the forest, and kill them all but one.

5. Party discovers Broderick Quint has been taken, and track his kidnappers into the woods, before being stopped by Bruthazmus.

6. Party deputized by Sheriff Hemlock to protect the town while he goes to Magnimar for reinforcements.

7. Party hears about big invasion from a hurt Shalelu, races off to stop the goblins, killing their diplomatic envoys heading to Mosswood goblin tribe with bribes.

8. Party invades Thistletop, killing Bruthazmus, Ripnugget, and a bunch of goblins and bugbears.

9. Party forms Sandpoint Expeditionary Force, explores tunnels under the town, and heads back to Thistletop by boat, encountering a serpent and the bunyip before reaching their destination.

10. Party discovers evidence of a large band of goblins moving towards Thistletop, and defeats some of their guards left behind.

11. Party fights off tentamort to gain access to lower levels of Thistletop thru a secret cave entrance.

12. Party fights off duergar monk and summoner who kidnap Father Ryan and nearly kill three party members (hero points used!).

13. Party explores evil temple of Lamashtu and defeats yeth and hell hounds guarding it.

14. Morin falls to a trapped statue in Temple of Lamashtu inside Thistletop.

15. Party retreats back to the boat to rest up and take Morin’s body to safety.

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