Protectors of Sandpoint

I hope we are not too late...

From The Journal of Skor Uran Gnome and Master of Fire So here we are getting saved by a Druid in this awful swamp. He tells us that his brother is this Black Sword character, and that he has been trying to sabotage his progress of breaking into the Pyramid. sheesh…hate to see holidays at their house. We also learned of a Black Dragon in the Lake of Burning Death. After a brief conversation…(FINALLY) with the gang we decide that we need to go try and find out what is going on with Grokk and Daviren missing and all. So we head back out of the swamp and wouldn’t you know it… all hell is breaking loose… we get attacked by something near foxglove manner that makes the other guys see all sorts of crazy illusions. I finally notice the little bugger hiding in the shadows, and BLAM!! Hit that ugly fellow with a magic missile. Of course he gets scared by my manly powerfulness, and runs away… We decide to hold up in an abandoned farm and apparently the cowardly elf didn’t wake anyone after hearing someone being chased. I pity the poor soul attacked that night. So we head to sandpoint and we run in to Nualia…I mean Lydia. She and a few SEF men are on their way to guard a caravan. May Desna be with them. Approaching the SEF entrance of Sandpoint we run into farmer Grumpf and he tells us they even ate the dogs… They being Scarecrows…whoa he needs some rest. SO we hear there has been a murder, and its down in the Scarnetti Lumber mill. We quickly go investigate and the Elf finally does something useful… We manage to figure what happened…for the most part…hopefully… Now we need to go drop off the Looney and head out to the farm lands to investigate… hopefully I can get some corn for a batch of white lightning…hehe…So we stop at the houses on the way…we warn who we come across and mourn for the destruction and emptiness we find. This has got to be stopped… Finally we are heading to yet another house which is the last known whereabouts of Grokk. A start burning scarecrows on sight…. wouldn’t you know it…they think we wanna play with them…so we dispatch quite a few and some rats too. After a few go down I black out after one hits me…im up, and being dragged…whats that grumbling sound above me? Oh look Einaar is trying to help out. So I start torching this one dragging me. After he’s gone, I go check the grumbling…its Daviren…dressed and tied like a Scarecrow…OH NO! he’s becoming a ghoul! I fear Grokk and the others missing may be the same way, and these scarecrows are people from the land. After running down and destroying all the Scarecrows we find Grokk and Shalelu. Thank Desna! now we need to get them fixed back up and stop the transformations. I hope we are not too late!

Ok, now that's just weird...
Cerie's entry

Ok so, what in Desna’s name!? Some freaky undead ghoul thing wants me to love it! GROSS!!! Thouroughly creeped out now. This is why I had a bad feeling about all this, seriously. We go traipsing through some gods forsaken nasty swamp and for what? To find that there’s some horrible thing we can’t do anything about and that while we were gone, MESSED UP STUFF WAS HAPPENING! I’m never going back to that swamp, it needs an air conditioning charm and a visit from the Orkin Brothers Guild.

I was starting to think that no matter how nasty this thing might be and no matter what it might want to do to me (think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts), I should be open to the possibility of giving myself up if that’s what is neccessary to save Sandpoint and my friends and family. I am willing to do that, but I recently heard a warrior say in passing “You don’t die for your friends, you live for them.” She wasn’t talking to me, just over heard her talking with her group, but it got me thinking. Maybe I should be willing to do that, but that losing me could possibly be harder on my friends, and especially my parents, than fighting. So I’ve decided that I’m going to fight tooth and nail against this thing. If I go, I’m going kicking and screaming, but that it will be okay. I’m not going to be afraid, just determined. I’m definitely a little scared, but who wouldn’t be? I can face this… whimper I just really don’t want to.

It is an ill wind that blows nobody good...
From the journal of Ragnar

An ill wind blows through the region. The swamps are full of frog men under the sway of “Blacksword”, a man who wields a blade of terrible power stolen from an evil temple. Orcs are his servants, as well, and he keeps Rodrick Quint captive in order to penetrate the depths of an ancient pyramid that holds something Blacksword wants badly. I have no doubt he would put it to evil uses. Warned of the sword’s power by the swamp druid Jorin, of the dangers of the Forest of Fangs, the great serpent of the swamp river, and an acid-breathing black dragon, and having received a message from Shalelu that Grok and Davrin have been kidnapped, we reluctantly turn back. We shall return for Rodrick, and have asked Jorin to keep an eye on him and warn us via animal messenger if the sage comes to harm.

As we leave the blasted swamp, we come across an old magic Thasselonian shrine made with unscratchable bronze depicting some peacock-feather adorned woman. I have the feeling she could be yet another rune lord, possibly of Pride, if there was such a lord. Having searched the shrine and found nothing more unusual about it, we press on.

Outside the swamp, we spot an unnatural cloud of carrion birds a few miles away. Fearing they may signal the demise of our kidnapped friends, we gallop to the site and discover Foxglove manor, now haunted and surrounded by evil supernatural forces. The carrion birds attack and to our horror we realize they are not alive, but rotting mockeries of birds that signify ill omens even in life, yet these are skeletal undying fiends. They are dealt with, but bleed us in the process. Closer to the house, an illusion grips our minds as dark spirits seem to drain our strength and a huge old tree seems to come alive, seeking to devour us. But the illusion is shaken off when Skor spots its creator, some dark spirit thing, and sends searing arcs of magic into it so that it flees. Not seeing our comrades here, we again head back toward town but stop for the night in an abandoned cottage.

Sleep is not uneventful, as our watchman hears screams during the night. By day, I track them and discover a terrible trail of some ghoulish predator tracking human prey, and eventually find a partially eaten human corpse, a farmer I believe. Hideous evil is afoot. My axe thirsts to bury itself in something solid, whatever is behind all this.

Then, the true horror is revealed. The farms are under assault, the people turned into prey and even being transformed into cannibalistic ghouls. Scarecrows everywhere, that jump off their wooden posts and hunt down the living. They are ghouls in disguise or perhaps their scarecrow appearance is part of some dark ritual or meaning to an evil god or demon. Worse still, having been forced to slay them as they leapt for our throats, we discovered that many were once good townsfolk we knew. No more. May they find true peace at last, now. The fight was vicious – we seemed to hang on by a mere thread of life, but still I gained great satisfaction burying my axes into the fiends and seeing them howl in unholy pain as their abominable existences are rightly snuffed out. Thank Desna for Ceri’s powers of healing and magic, they greatly helped turn the tide and kept us alive. Skor’s fire seemed to reap death among the scarecrows and caused them great suffering. And of course we waded into the fray alongside Einnar’s cleaving axe and Czevok’s singing bow and smashing flail. I have not seen the elf so grim and determined before. He truly hates the undead and fights with a vengeance. If only we had had the aid of father Ryan’s faith and magic against these dark spirits, and Bellaxerix and Eloam’s magic, as well. Ahh, well! Such is life, and such is battle!! We emerge the victors again, and I laugh at the evil gods alongside my comrades.

It seems we have come just in time to rescue others who have not yet been fully transformed into ghouls by ghoul fever. They are found bound to scarecrow posts, shaking with ghoul fever, clearly on their way to eternal damnation as flesh-hunting undead. Grok and Davrin are among them, as are Shalelu and a few others we recognize. Time is short, they must be taken to a temple soon if they have any hope of avoiding the terrible fate of the ghouls.

Cerie's entry

I HATE leeches. EEEEWWWWWWW!!! Major grossness! I just hate the swamp in the first place. Dear Desna, remind me never, ever to come into this place again! Everything is just wet and grimy and… yuck! Ugh, this is just so disgusting. I hope this is going to prove worth it. At least we discovered that lost Dwarven army. Always a good thing to find missing pieces of history. I really think the next time someone wants to go down a creepy, dark, tiny tunnel I’m going to opt out. I’m just so tired, I want to go home. I’m still worried about what’s going on with my family and Sandpoint. I just want to go home. This pyramid had better worth it and I hope Broderick Quint is still alove because if I was dragged all the way out here and he’s not alive to be rescued, well, there won’t be enough of the orcs left to burn or bury, that’s for sure.

(Written in Elvish) To Papa,

I’m writing to let you know I’m still alive. This swamp is quite disgusting, but we’re fairing relatively well, all things considered. Please keep track of anything odd that happens at home. I’ll be following up on that as soon as I am free to do so. I hope you are well. Please don’t worry about me. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been afraid, but I’ve discovered that I’m stronger than I thought. Take care of yourself and keep track of Mama.


Your ‘Liana

Tunnels and Swamp Galore

It has been a very interesting experience the past few days. I’ve never spent much time in swamps in my past and it has been very unique for me. I can definitely say i prefer the lush greenery of the forest to this dismal, wet place. The sturges were a fun little warm up for some of the more interesting creatures here and who knows what will show up next. It was nice to have a nice little companionship with an animal again. Aeryon might be the same size but unlike what the others thought, he’s a fighter and can hold his own against something the same size. I’m really starting to get some nice respect for Bella even if he is always ragging on me he’s still really helpful when necessary and still willing to do stuff to keep me going. Those tunnels were interesting and i wasnt expecting to find those in such unsure grounding and I will have to make a note of those worms. They weren’t that hard to kill but that sickly sweet smell and creepy look had me thinking they were undead for a while there. That smell actually got my adrenaline pumping some with the hopes of smiting more of those cursed undead, and i managed to get that wish after opening that arched door with Einarr. That cold feeling though when that wraith touched me though, brrrrrr. I’ve never felt a feeling like that before in my life and I hope I never feel it again. It felt like part of my soul was leaving my body. I can only imagine how Einarr was feeling when he was touched as well. It was a really good feeling to destroy another evil soul. I wish my companions would be more willing to jump in when things look dangerous like that. I get the feeling everyone was ready to run away and leave me behind. I know that means all the more hatred to take out on them by me but true companions help one another out, even if they aren’t the most liked one in the party. At least the night ended on a fun note watching people squirm from a few leeches. Haha. Who knows what tomorrow will bring in this crazy, almost unnatural seeming place.

More Mysteries

Log entry by Eloam,

Our recent trip to Thissletop has raised more questions than it has answered. Perhaps Shalelu will return with some answers.

First off, how does stone move that fast. Golums I have heard of, but nothing like that… Next, what are Greeds heros doing interred with honors in a a Wrath site. Were they traitors? Could the place have been taken over by Greed at somepoint?

Lastly, one of the interred was an arcane here, and one of considerable power. Was the magic in his blood, or did he learn it? In other words, did he use a spellbook. If he did, he might have been buried with it…

Is this ever going to be over?

I’m glad we cleaned out Thistletop finally, but traipsing off to find a pyramid? I’m worried about my family and Sandpoint. Pyramids and ancient momuments can wait until we’re sure that the home front is secured. I wonder if there’s even a remote chance of Quint still being out here somewhere. I would want someone to look for me if something like that happened, but not if it’s going to risk home. I almost hope he’s dead, rather than being tortured or worse. Poor man…

On a lighter subject… well, there really isn’t a lighter subject. Sigh, I am practicing at my Harrow, perhaps the cards will reveal more to me. Lydia is still to be consulted, Foxglove is still to be investigated. I must admit, I still find myself a little infatuated him still. He was handsome enough, but something about his overt affection and kindness just seemed a little disingenuous, if that’s the right word. I just wish I could know if he and Quint were all right.

Oh well, this is all turning into such a mess. I will say this though, in the privacy of my own thoughts, if anything happens to my parents, I don’t care about evidence, law, or the courts. Scarnetti will burn for it, and only after he’s begged for death, only after he’s watched everything single thing he’s ever cared about, ever liked, ever touched, wither and die. I never knew myself to be capable of such thoughts, but Scarnetti will suffer and then rue the day his bitch mother squatted and shat him out. I am young, I have an eternity for revenge, and by the gods, I will have it.

“By the Bloody Eagle, blood will flow… Ha la la la la, tu re lu… Those who’ve crossed with justice, tu re lai… Will regret the day they first drew breath…”

(hums creepily in a minor key while strumming her harp)

Reminder! Dont forget to..

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Here and There Agian, This isn't right...
If Einarr could write, this is what he would say.

We returned to Sandpoint. Everything was normal by the looks of it. Nualia left with Grock for some reason I have now forgotten. The fortifications are coming along well. Maybe they’ll make the lodging soon so I can have a bed to call my own. I talked to the old black smith into getting Shadowmist some decent armor. I thought he’d have to make it, but come to find out, he already had some tucked away. The question was if it would actually fit. So the black smith took some measurements and replaced some strips. It looked like a perfect fit. I brought Shadowmist to the Black Smith and found out that he was born for this armor. He galloped and pranced around without burden. It seemed like he enjoyed it. I had to make sure though. I took him to see Bellaxarix. I knew he was visiting Madame Niska Mvashti so we trotted up there. Lo’ and behold he was sitting on her doorstep. It was obvious that Madame Mvashti was not home and Bellaxarix was waiting for her. I got off of Shadowmist and held up my hand to greet the fabulous dressed gnome. Bellaxarix smiled and strolled over and turned Shadowmist’s armor bright orange. I chuckled then looked at him. I told him I was going to be a beacon that anyone could see a mile away. Bellaxarix just have a “matter of fact” shrug and said, “So.” I just rolled my eyes and chuckled. I asked him politely to talk to Shadowmist for me. He graciously bowed and said he would. From how Bellaxarix was talking to Shadowmist I found that Shadowmist is very intelligent. I wonder if all warhorses are the same way. Now that I know I can get a response form Shadowmist I told him that if there is a time to run to return here in Sandpoint. Shadowmist nodded his head with understanding and Bellaxarix told me he understood. I stroke Shadowmist showing him that I was pleased, then all of the sudden Bellaxarix started arguing with Shadowmist. I laughed at the situation. Shadowmist didn’t like the orange armor he was wearing. Bellaxarix almost pleaded with him to keep the orange, but after a nice head butt and being knocked over with Shadowmist’s rump Bellaxarix finally gave in and turned the armor blood red. I thought it looked pretty good. Shadowmist wasn’t pleased but content. I figure he likes the traditional metallic colors. I smiled and bowed to Bellaxarix in appreciation. Shadowmist and I went back into town to get him his favorite treat. Apples! After I took Shadowmist to the stables for the night, I made my way to the Rusty Dragon. No one I knew was there at the time so I ordered some dinner. Roasted beast with fried potatoes and goat cheese. To finish it off I washed it all down with a couple of pints of ale. Just as I was about to relax and let my stomach hang out for a bit, one of the sheriffs deputies came up to me and introduced himself. He handed me the parchment and explained the situation. I asked him if I could open it since it was for SEF (Sandpoint Expeditionary Force). After he gave me permission I open parchment and found ink wasn’t the only thing that stained the contents inside. There was blood all of it. If it was in his bag why did it have blood on it? Good thing I don’t have to figure it out. So I waited for my companions to drop in. Time past and finally they showed up. Skor and Ragnar were fiddling with the work going on with the welcome center. Cerie was telling us of her family troubles. Uh Oh!!! Skor has a hot date, WOOT!!! After Cerie told her story we found out that a group of Raiders found out about Thistle Top. How in the hell did they find out about Thistle Top? Who told them it was an ancient statue that had stuff in it? The only thing that a commoner would know is that it was an island that had goblins on it. Very strange… Anyhow, Eloam, Cerie, and Czevok discussed a plan to keep them busy while we go back in and check out anything that we missed. We agreed to have Czevok’s cousin Shalelu lead the raiders along a “shortcut” for at least a day after we made our way to Thistle Top. I gave Ragnar the parchment that was given to me by the deputy. I told him what the deputy told me and we agreed to investigate it after we got back. After our plan was set we went our separate was to get ready for tomorrow. Skor, Eloam, Cerie went to the Mayor’s office to discuss matters of our past discoveries and our present plans. I got my things ready and told Shadowmist of our plan. After everything was set I went back to the Rusty Dragon to get some shut eye. It was smooth sailing on our road to Thistle top. We stopped and dismounted our horses. Briers wasn’t a place for horse back. I gave Shadowmist some words of encouragement and to mind the horse master before setting off. As we set off I was thinking about asking Skor the details of his evening. It would have given us a good laugh at least but we ran into Thistle Top’s welcoming committee. That was a lot more fun. Four hobgoblins riding troll back. Ugly as every of coarse. As they charged up Bellaxarix already killed two of the hobgoblins right off the back of the trolls. I was jealous, he got a lucky shot. Atalanta started singing, it was a song I haven’t heard before. She pointed at my great sword and it came to life with fire. Watching the flame dance on my blade it made my heart flutter. So exciting! With an eye on my first victim I brought my sword up high for my first swing and it missed. I was infuriated missing my opportunity. The troll retaliated, I saw his left claw come at my head and I ducked. His right claw hit me on my right leg. Seeing that I was briefly stunned the troll came up and bit my shoulder. It would have been my head if lean because of the pain in my leg. All I could think is that this troll is gonna die. The fight went on with twangs of bows, words of magic, songs of hero’s and flame, and slashing of weapons.

(seeing that I’m making a story of this I will continue shortly. Hopefully I won’t get too behind :-/ it will continue shortly)

Here We Go Again...

Some days you just want to go home, pull the pillow over your head, and never wake up. Scarnetti is now threatening my father! How dare he! Well, he’s got another thing coming if he thinks he can get away with this. So, dad has had to make a deal with the devil and help these treasure hunters. You know, honestly, I don’t think they’re necessarily all that bad. I do understand that historical knowledge is important, but let’s face it, everyone has to make a living somehow. Either way, I let Eloam know they were on their way so we could clear out Thistletop before any fools went trapsing in there and disturbed something they shouldn’t. After we get out of here though, I want to head for Aldern Foxglove’s mansion. I’m getting more an more suspicious that he’s the one behind the strange things that have been happening to me. Marissa told me there was no curse, the gnomes didn’t see any Fae influence over me, and Norian, well, he’s not that subtle. He might be a creep, but he’s not creepy. The only thing I can think of is Foxglove. He might have been turned into some vampire or undead or who knows what and now he’s coming after me because he liked me. Not that I’m a fan of this happening, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of everything.


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