Protectors of Sandpoint

Observations #4
Once Again, to Dance with the Darkness...

The well of the cursed coins led to the ruins of a Thassalonian tower, which we endeavored to explore and perhaps discover secrets both ancient and powerful. A thorough examination of the tower, with our new dwarven companion, Entekku, along to assist us, revealed that it had been created by magic and then destroyed some 500 years or so hence, and via some great internal force which burst from the inside up through the tower in such a way as to blow the floors apart. Carefully, decided to descend into the depths to see if we could solve the mystery of what happened that fateful day, and why (although dragon scales left in the debris gave us one clue already).

some sixty feet beneath the surface we wound through the tunnels, until we were attacked by a gang of very small humanoids throwing poisoned javelins – Jinxin, or some such things. Because they were so small, fast, an masters of camouflage, they gave the party fits, especially, it would seem, our half-orc friend, who seemed utterly flummoxed at trying to defeat them. Eventually, we were able to slay them all, but only after some considerable effort was spent doing so. It would seem they were able to traverse the tunnels through small holes in the wall of their own making, which aided in their quick appearance and disappearance. Once engaged in combat, however, they proved to be of little worth and were easily killed, but only if you could see them.

Far more difficult were the mounted kobald warriors riding cave lizards! After finding several blade traps, I was ambushed by two of them, who skewered me with their lances to such a point that I stood but a brief step along the precipice of forever – but on this day, luck was on my side, as well as Entekku’s use of our wand of healing, and I was revived enough to assist in the battle – which was a good thing, as both Ragnar and Snake were also sorely pressed by these foes. Together we were able to finally defeat them, although by the ed were were all well and truly tired and were forced to rest and see to our many injuries.

During the battle a number of interesting things were revealed: first, there was a very life-like statue of some kind of extra-planer creature, with 8 eyes, possibly held in some kind of stasis magic – as to whether or not this is something worshiped by the local inhabitants of the cave system, or something summoned and captured, cannot be determined at this time. In addition, there was a door covered in Thassalonian runes which our new Dwarven companion has taken the time to attempt deciphering. I must admit these runes are beyond my own capabilities, but the door seems to be an important discovery. Time will tell if the door, and its runes, have anything to do with either the statue, the cause of the ruins, the dragon scale, or the denizens of this dark, subterranean world. As always I shall report full and true our endeavors.


Snake search Cave!
Snake entry

Today Snake find new joy with Dwarf…. Dwarven man some type of spell caster and make battles much better.. Dwarven man spoke some words and Giant white Spider thing get angry because it not able to hit Snake. This going to be beautiful relationship for Battle Buddies!
Now Snake go and follow cave to the well where Snake get more gold coins. No stupid Frog man just yet.
Snake traveled further into the Cave… Snake and group found little fast men. Oracle dwarf said it stupid Jinksin. If Snake ever see another Snake destroy with no hesitation. Now to continue down Stupid Cave of Jinksin.

stupid kobold Cavaliers …. challenge Snake and you die!!!!!! Snake go to help Ragnar but Snake not fast enough and after 1 round of help Ragnar Eats Dirt! SNAKE ABOUT TO HAVE ULTRA RAGE!!!! shhh only bad part Snake starting to run out of rage…………….
Now Snake has been Critically hit and is now on face…. This kobold with drums IS GOING TO DIE!!!
All who challenge Snake Die!!!

Magnimar - Orc Hunting Ground
Ragnar Blackaxe, Dwarf Ranger

Human cities, they’re always the same. Flimsy wooden houses and a mish mash of undesirable types. Always have to watch your back in ‘em, laddies. And ORCS – faugh! First time I’ve seen ORCS in a city anywhere, like they were respectable citizens. Monsters is what they are, friends, and monsters is what they’ll always be. They’ll eat ye as soon as look at ye. Never trust an orc! If only I could show these humans a real dwarf city, carved in glittering caves in the deep rock. That would be a sight that would set them on their heels. Still, there are no orcs in dwarf cities, at least ones that were allowed in. In Magnimar a dwarf can do a good bit of orc hunting – do those humans a favor even though they haven’t asked. And it seems that’s exactly what old Ragnar got to do here a few nights ago. Felt good, too, and my axe was thirsty anyway. Should’ve seen the looks on their ugly faces when they saw a pair of dwarf axes coming at them. Ha! I’ll have to make some time to do more scouting of this place, see what other orc “citizens” there are whose heads I can liberate from their bodies.

But there’s more here than orcs, make no mistake. As if orcs weren’t bad enough. Seems some humans aren’t too far off from orcs in the way they behave, even smack in the middle of the city! These hooded cultist lot – that’s who I mean. Slavers. Crazy as a gnome in a mushroom patch. Not a decent bone in their bodies. Bloodthirsty and unfathomable, they are. Have to admit a few of ‘em gave a good fight – haven’t had quite that close a shave in a long while. But they still weren’t good enough, lads. Not for my axes and my comrades, no they were no match for us in the end. Just lucky for them that my firetail cat wasn’t there, too. And now I have one of their damned murderous magic hoods, and I’ll put it to good use when the time comes, I’ll wager. They won’t be able to hide from the hood. Still, got to keep an eye on it – I sense some bad spirits when it’s on. Now that that damnable sawmill cult is burned to ashes, what will be next? Unpredictable, that’s what this place is. But so can Ragnar be, when it warrants.

Welcome back my friends...
... to the show that never ends

As much as I hate to admit this, I feel like I’m in a fog. I can’t seem to remember many of the political machinations of Sandpoint because I’ve been away for so long.

I must write to Ameico and ask to have a meal with her, preferably here at my home away from prying eyes. I hear the Council is shifting, of course, my father is now a member, but I can still see how that may be quite tenuous given those who are opposed, not necessarily to my father, but just that seat not going to one of their cronies.

Must invite Ameico for tea and get this sorted out…



Hello, my friend! I’d like to invite you to tea. I’ve been away for so long, I’d love to see you and catch up. Any day in the next week would be just fine, some time in the afternoon. I’m sure you’ve got quite the busy schedule. Let me know what day you would like to meet. I can’t wait to see you, my friend!


As to be expected...
Journey from Magnimar

I just don’t understand how civilization doesn’t collapse at this rate. Apparently, no one, anyone, anywhere, can travel anywhere unmolested. How is trade or communication supposed to take place with bandits constantly lingering along the roads. What’s worse are the ones that pretend they wish to protect you and extort you that way. rolls eyes

Eventually, we’ll have to deal with this. It’s imperative that we keep our lines with Magnimar open. Perhaps the can allocate some of their resources in that vein. Must remember to ask the Council about that.

Observations #3
Just when you thought things could not get stranger...

Cursed gold: who would have expected it? Certainly not our unsuspecting gnome and barbarian, who not only obsessed over the stuff but thought they saw some kind of demon frog as well. it even affected animals, so strange and powerful was this curse! Fortunately, greed is not among my vices, and so the lure of gold is only a weak pull on me. It would seem that anything involving these Thassalonians must be viewed with some suspicion. Will have more to turn into the Society at some point, but best to leave the cursed coins at the bottom of a well, so they can not poison other weaker minds and wills.


Go Fish?
Not so random thoughts frrom Eloam

Men suffocated in a room full of air. No sign that the room could have been sealed, no sign that water filled the room, and no indication that the bodies were moved here after they died. They drowned in a room full of fresh air.

Something about that seem familiar. Something I heard about long ago, and whats this in their mouths? No an oil, feels like that swill all those fools try to drink at the Hagfish…

That’s it. Its coming back to me now. Giant fish, powerful in the arcane arts, enslaving other creatures with their mind magic. They excreted something like the hagfish, but their excretions caused those who consumed it to breath water instead of air, If those poor bastards had only know, They died a stones throw from a well full of water that could have saved them….

But what do the Aboleth have to do with the Greed Lord? Why are they here?

Stupid Frog
Snake's entry

So…. Snake wish for some way to be better educated and for people not to hate Snake so much. Snake make wish at well outside haunted house. Snake make lots of money all of a sudden. Snake super happy. Then Snake notice Stupid frog man.. Snake chased and could never catch.. so group decides to go get Cleric to help. Snake had to give up all monies he just got.. Snake not happy.. then we go back to haunted house and Snake figures well i just make more monies. Stupid frog still there.. Snake try to hit with Javelin and Frog man catches it and bites of head. Group just look at Snake funny.. Snake is going to get Stupid Frog!!

Cursed Adventure Part 1
The Haunted Farm

Lets see. Where should I begin this fabulous tale? It involves mystery, greed, horror and fun! Ok. Ok. This tale begins upon our return to Sandpoint. I was actually given the opportunity to purchase the Glass Works! I am more than excited. I have a better place to practice my crafts and I get to help the economy of the town I have come to call home, all while keeping a close eye on the rune well under it. So after some renovations, we were able to fit the access to the well with a new security door. It was about that time when we heard the rumors of a haunted and abandoned farmstead on the outskirts of the farmland. Sounded like a fun trip with potential to acquire a farm for the SEF. After a relatively uneventful trip we arrived at the farm and found the place empty except for some random bodies and gold. After some investigating we discovered what we believed was an evil wishing well! The perfect toy for Snake! Of course he made a wish and tossed a newly found gold coin in… and what happens? he gets more gold? Again he tries and gets more gold! something is not right…. Suddenly the horses and Sir Schniffenlots sense something around the corner. They say big frog, and they are scared. hmmm I wonder what could it be? What is so scary about a frog? So we investigate further and run around the house like imbeciles and see nothing. Except Snake swears there is frogman taunting him now. While we were pondering what could be happening, I notice Sir Schniffenlots chewing on a gold coin…but he swears it is a bone. What kind of magic is in these coins. I was unsure so I took the coin from him and wouldn’t you know it, I started seeing that blasted frogman! After a while of us bumbling around, we went back to talk to the priests at the temple in Sandpoint. He said the coins are cursed with powerful magic. We decided we should take him to help us consecrate the farmland. It was a good attempt, but I am unsure if he will be able to do it. We returned after an eventful night of those dreaded coins reappearing and the priest taking Snakes coins with much hesitation on Snake’s part. Poor dumb barbarian will catch a break someday… We are off to the farm again and suspicions were correct. The well is evil…at least something at the bottom. After some debate we decide to lower the wizard and the sneaky lady Vilana down the well. There in the wet dark well they discovered a small tunnel just out of eyesight that leads off towards what the priest described to us as an old watchtower. All this time we were searching without knowing about this blasted tower. Well we were on our way to investigate of course. Yes that’s right! It belonged to a Runelord! Of greed no less… We must investigate, but first I think I will do some research. Maybe back in Sandpoint…

Is this really happening?

Why am I even writing this down? This could get me in trouble…

Hopefully Dad bought that letter about being bored, but he knows me pretty well and he probably saw right through it, he’s an elf after all, observant bastards. Anyways, I’m really getting tired of all this drama. If it’s not serial killers, it’s Hell Knights; if it’s not ancient gods bent on destroy the material plane, it’s slavers kidnapping my friends. Seriously, why is that even legal? You’d figure someone would have fought a war over that already and gotten rid of it… sheesh. In all honesty, it completely undermines a society, there’s a lack of security and personal safety which affects all parts of a person’s life, there’s the damage to the economy because of a lack of employment for the unskilled and uneducated who don’t own land to farm, and there’s the lack of innovation due to the unconcern of masters for their “workers.” Why make something better, more efficient, or safer for the sake of a slave? It’s just so terrifying to me that you could walk down the wrong street one day and wake up in chains… I want my Chowanti.

Hmm… maybe I could write a song! Yes! A rousing ballad of the inequity, terror, hardship, and moral bankruptcy of slavery! Ha! I’ll do it… this is going to be epic…

If you’re lazy and you know it, buy a slave!
If you’re an unfeeling, greedy bastard, buy a slave!
If you’re mor-al-ly bankrupt and support demonic worship,
if you’re gen-rally sadistic, buy a slave!

Well, maybe not epic yet, but points for the reverse psychology… wheels are turning…



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