Protectors of Sandpoint

House of Horrors
From Ragnar's journal

I should’ve had an extra pint before we came. Flies to the spider’s web, we were. He knew we were coming — no doubt about it — but that didn’t deter us. Had to end this evil before it spread.

Front doors all locked up tight, can’t be bashed in, but they swing open when we call out to the residents. Not a good sign, but not completely unexpected. Right off, could see strange things were afoot inside. Stuffed manticore leering at us as we step inside warily. Then the Nine Hells breaks loose as darkness and more ghouls crawl out of the woodwork. Skor unleashes fire on the stuffed beast — not sure what he was about but he’s proven to be not easily tricked by illusions, if that’s what it was, so we let him be. Looked harmless enough to me, so I saved my axe for moving targets. We were wary and dealt with the ghouls well, but friends were paralyzed and snatched away in the dark.

Searched for ‘em, tried to be methodical and keep comrades together, but we’ve got a flighty bunch it seems. Must’ve been nerve jitters, they all seemed to scramble and scatter one way, then another. I’m for finding the missing as soon as possible, but the house if full of such weirdness as to distract the others, and they focus on some monkey-headed butler’s bell and a strange spiral pattern of mold on the floor. Strange stained glass murals showing creatures with unnaturally long life. Seems our friend Foxglove sees undeath as the way to immortality. I’m afraid he’s going to be sorely mistaken.

The floors are weak, and the endlessly curious gnomes (curiosity killed the cat? Don’t think so, must’ve been gnomes not cats in the original saying) stumble into hidden basement quarters. Czevok, still half berserk in the presence of undead, goes off on his own up the stairs and is taken by something unseen, his gear tossed tauntingly down at us. Eventually he’s found, paralyzed and stuffed in between the floorboards like a salted pork chop in the cupboard.

Don’t remember much after that — chaos ensued, the house is full of hidden, nasty places, and more than one horror is uncovered. Eventually the missing are found — one of ‘em had the fortune or willpower to shake off their paralyzation and help free the others, though it seems it was a close shave. All that is a blur, I’m no doubt affected by the evil in the house. Got to keep a clear head and a strong axe arm to see us through this one. By Lamashtu’s teats (not a pretty sight, trust me), we’ll serve Foxglove right!

The ever important thoughts and ponderings of Bellaxerix

<sigh> The no..Foxears…no what was his name again? Whatever his name is family has no eye for color. Such a drab and dreary place, just utterly colorless. Lucky for him Skor and I are here to help. We are so very helpful after all.’s Foxguts..thanks Cerie..such an odd name for a human, but Cerie is so helpful…Wha? Oh FoxGLOVE…I like Foxguts better. Humans are so bland, but that is why they have US.

LOL the Dwarf makes me giggle as he tries to break a door down. Dwarves never were known for observing the niceties of manners. Ahh there we go someone observing the pleasantries of knocking and see the door opened.

Ohh look at the lovely heads mounted to the wall. Hmm what fun we could have with the reckless elf. I think his parents let him get to close to the edge of his tree house and he fell on his head. But he does provide so many hours of entertainment for us. What to do, what to do…..
Ohh I had to wipe a tear from my eye..The Halfling poked his head up a chimney and woke some bats. HAHAHAHA..oo and he found a new friend…what glorious fun.

Hmm..that Halfling needs to find better friends…oh what’s that.

Oo a monkey head..Cerie won’t like that. Hmm and a rope..I wonder what it does.. WONDERFUL..such a fun sound. I think if Lord Foxguts doesn’t mind, I may come back for that. I would be willing to trade for something of equal value for it. He can take his pick from any of my toenails in my collection. Hmm that chandolier looks quite fun. I have always wanted to swing on one of those. <sigh> what has the elf done now?

Silly elf fell through the floor..and here I thought they were supposed to be agile and light footed…yep defiantly dropped on his head. I think the dwarf would walk lighter than this elf.
Hmm..guess the dwarf can’t. Ewwww, I hope he didn’t land on the Halfling

HEY!!! WHERE IS MY MONKEY HEAD? I bet it fell down that hole. What’s tha…..

Well now, that wasn’t fun, no fun at all. Well at least Neseh and my new gnomish friend are here. Oo and look everyone else came to get me..such wonderful friends they are..Now where is that monkey head?

Could be Worse

Assignment log #43

I met up with Bell and his company, only to find they were going up to this haunted house. It sounded interesting, so I decided to accompany them. When we first get there, they decided to knock on the front door and request entrance. With so many seemingly smart people here, you would think that they would have more sense than to just knock on the front door of the mansion of their foe. I’m surprised he didn’t ambush us all right at the front door. As it was, his goons got the drop on us. I look up a chimney, and what do I see? Eyes. Granted, when I jumped back all that came out were a few bats. As I was being ridiculed however, several undead came right out into this tiny entrance room. If that wasn’t bad enough, the doors slammed shut, locking out about half of the group. One of the gnomes went crazy, attacking this stuffed manticore in the center of the room.Soon after, we were all plunged into complete darkness, which was pretty unsettling. During the confusion, our cleric, Krizit, and monk, Neseh were taken away. while searching around, my skills came into play very nicely, although while trying to unlock a door, I was struck with a needle. Out I went, for I don’t know how long. When I finally did wake up, the paladin had me strapped to his back! I felt as if I’d had a large weight dropped on me, and no-one has yet adequately explained this to me. In any case, after we had been searching for a while, This Aldern Foxglove, or whatever his name is, decided to drop in and say hello, but not before one of his cronies grabbed the Bell. After he left, we climbed down a hole in the center of the dining room, where Bell had been taken, and found our comrades, covered in mold, and diseased. They have all sorts of giant red pustules on their faces, and I don’t even want to be near them. While the rest of the group attended to the still-unconscious Bell and Neseh, I followed the Cleric down a cavern, where we found a large group of baddies. I went back to the group to get some help, but before I returned to the cleric’s side, he came running past with a giant spider quick on his heels. The gnome sorcerer dropped a ball of fire right in front of the spider, and a good thing he did, as the spider didn’t pass the ball, although I’m sure it could have quite easily if it had tried. It could be worse; my “friends” could be here…

Rule #1: DON'T SPLIT UP!!!
Cerie's ramblings

I know enough stories to know that the worst thing to do in these creepy situations is to split up. Now of course, it’s no one’s fault if they fall though a floor, or a door gets closed, but still.

This really isn’t looking good. We found my things, not that that’s a big shocker, but at least I know they weren’t, well… I don’t think I want to think about it. Family drama it looks like. I would guess Forell was turned into something nasty, vampire, ghoul or something, and the house fell into disrepair. Then Aldern decided to fix up the place, woke up great-grandpa, and Forell turned him too. That’s th best guess I can come up with. From the looks of the skeleton, it looks like the elder Foxglove had issues with women too. I hope this is not a pattern. I hate cowards, if I’m brave enough to come to him, he can at least sho his face long enough for us to bash it in. I really hope he didn’t chose any of my possessions as his phalactery thing that Elaom was talking about. CREEPY!!!

Note to self: Stay away from mold and moldy gnomes. EWW!!

Sigh, we shall have to see. I’d really like to get this over with, even though I know the Hell Knights will be waiting for us when we get back. If they want to get involved I say let them, but they should be here now, not come in after we’ve already cleaned up the mess. Oh well…

Protectors of Sandpoint: Adventures of the Sandpoint Expeditionary Force....Entry 1
I’m still working on this, don’t worry. Just confirming post so I don’t lose any of my work.
And in case any of you hadn’t noticed, it’s REALLY long, it takes forever to go through the shortest of conversations, and the combat is going to be slightly rambling, haha.

The party woke at dawn, feeling ready for anything that could , surely full of revenge and malice.
Father Ryan looked to the sunrise for a sign from the Dawnflower, his face wrought with worrisome woe. Tapping his chin with his fingers, he sat back down and pondered if today was going to finally be the day. He thought of the life he had ahead of him: of life with his lover, of children, of being just a temple priest again.
It wouldn’t be so bad. Quiet, sure, but he and his family would be safe.
Well, as safe as the Expeditionary forces kept the town…But Father Ryan knew that his family would be in good hands, especially since the Goddess had told him a bit about his replacement.
And something about someone else coming along too, though he hadn’t been told anything more then that.
A tap on his shoulder made Father Ryan turn around.
“Are we le- wah!” he shrunk back a bit, startled by the wide eyes right in his face.
“Father Ryan, my name is Krizit. Nualia has come to escort you home.” a heavily clothed, and dark skinned gnome said with a smile. He pointed to Father Ryan’s side, to where Nualia was with the rest of the party. She seemed to be using a few spells on Aldwin, who had the very strength sucked from him the night before.
Ryan looked back to the gnome, and stood, fiddling with his belt. “Then you are to take on the duties given by the Goddess? You shall defeat the evil in these lands?” He pulled the glorious scimitar from him and held it out to the short priest.
“In the name of the Dawnflower, I shall purge this land of that which plagues it.” Krizit said with certainty, grasping the sword.
“Stay wary, and keep your wits about you, and may the Dawn shine on your path.” he said with a smile as he unwrapped his headband and laid it across the gnomes hands.
Krizit wrapped it tight around his own head, the clasp square in the center of his forehead. “And you, Father.”
The human stood and walked to Nualia, giving her a small nod to the horses to show he was ready, before heading over there himself.
Krizit looked around and saw that his other traveling companion, a quick witted halfling, had pulled aside a brightly attired gnome and was in deep conversation. Back with the main group, the other gnome was making dramatic hand motions paired with goofy faces. Some rolled their eyes, others smiled at the humor.
“A lively bunch.” He cleared his throat with a chuckle, “Well, seems we’ll fit right in.” he said as he buckled the large scimitar to his side.
He walked up to the party and bowed his head.
“My name is Father Krizit. I shall be accompanying you on your journeys. I look forward to our travels together” he said politely.
“Hey, how’s it going! Glad you’re here! More gnomes, just what we needed!” and more was spoken over the next few minutes. Some greeted Krizit with joy, others with caution and disdain.
Nualia walked back to the horses her, Krizit, and Cruven had ridden on. “Come, Father Ryan. It is time to return.” she spoke sternly, but not cruelly.
“It was fun, guys.” Father Ryan walked away, giving a wave backwards, a hint of sadness in his parting smile.

~In My Own Hand, Krizit Nebilin

It's good to be a Paladin
Servent of Torag's Journal
This group is mad. They run around shooting their magic rays and fire balls and no discipline. I’ve never knew an elf could be so absent minded. Dropping his bow, his pride and joy, to pull out a stick to get himself killed. I have seen elves in battle, I have seen them use tactics that have overcome the impossible. I have no taste for elves and to see such folly in this one could be the death of us all. The gnomes are a different story, prancing around like it’s a party, poking in things that are not their business. “Sigh” All and all that is what gnomes are all about. Changing them is like changing the color of the sky… might not want to mention that to Bellaxarix. The cleric knows what he’s doing, thank Torag. Ragnar is proven to be a stout fighter, which I would expect nothing less from a dwarf. The bard Atalanta is a smart girl. Head of an elf, heart of a human. She cares for this group as it is her child. Taking each precaution to keep her children safe. The wizard… I’m not so sure about yet. He holds his own in battle, but he fancies Czevok and keeps him from annihilating himself. I don’t see any logic in it, but elves would stick their neck out for their own kind. The way I see it; If a dwarf so mockingly throws himself into harms way to get himself killed in glorious battle, I will let him be. I will not sacrifice my life for someone who is willing to loose it. My pledge is to protect life for those willing to live it. I have asked Torag to give me his blessing with this vow and he has given me many. Emotions should not be shown in war until it is won. Proof is shown in Czevok’s hatred that causes him to stumble even now. Ceruleana has fallen into her own madness. A child’s bond to their parents is great, but that bond will not save one another’s life. She must pray to her god or search her feelings for what might lie ahead. If not, then she has already lost her father and quite possibly the lives that are standing beside her.

I pray that she comes out from the darkness that is swallowing her. Torag help me burn like the sun to help her see what is ahead.


I have come to the conclusion that Czevok is not an elf. End of story. I just got out of the mossy muck I was swimming in. Thank you Torag for the blessing of immunity. That stuff is horrible. I saw what it did to our poor cleric. The odd part is that he didn’t even feel it. I hope it doesn’t spread. While rummaging through the very odd office we found one of the noble women of Foxglove Manor. She had a locket of her family from the past. I wonder if there is something within the locket.

Hahaha! Those undead really thought they could keep me down huh? They never seem to stop lately and half my party always seems to be scared of it and hang back. Undead can be such pushovers. At least this time Father Ryan actually took the offensive a few times instead of just running around like a chicken with his head cut off throwing out healing bursts. (Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the bursts but it has got to get boring after a while. I can’t wait to see who keeps turning all these townfolk into ghouls so I can take his head off. And after all that everyone decides to take a rest outside a haunted looking mansion and sleep instead of just burning it to the ground? Guess I have to go with what the party wants this time but it would be so much sweeter to just burn it down like Skor wants. Burn Baby Burn it down! Guess it leaves more undead for me but they shouldn’t have the honor of a face to face combat, they don’t deserve that much

Spook Central Here we come...

From The Journal of Skor Uran Gnome and Master of Fire ENTRY FIVE

It seems as if we made it to Sandpoint in time. The temple says they can save Grokk, and Daviren… I hope they are right. We are now deciding what the best course of action should be, and un luckily it has been decided for us. Alderan Foxglove decided to show up and harass Cerie, so now we know for sure it has been him being the nuisance. We are off to his manor to take him out, and not to dinner and a show, if you know what I mean…. Oh darn! Cedric the Black is here to try and raid the caravan, but tries ambush us first. Now we get to have some fun. After a long drawn out battle we take him prisoner and return him to Sandpoint and get a reward. What luck… Ok now we are really on our way to Foxglove manor…. or not…there has been a murder, yet again. Cerie is in jail? what!? Ok we need to figure this out… So now the Sherriff says, that Hell Knights are coming to town…How wonderful! He lets us take Cerie to track down Foxglove, and warns us to be back in a week with his body. Nualia is coming with us so she is nowhere near those Hell Knights. Can’t say I blame her, because someone could very well recognize her. So we are leaving her at the old farm house we had previously stayed at, and heading to the eerie manor of doom. YAY! We are being attacked! By Hellhounds, Zombies, Ghouls, and Wraiths… This could be fun. O yeah, now there is a wall of fire… this just keeps getting better. Wait. I can’t see. Someone put us in Darkness. Have to get out of here. Ok, I am out… oh, oh, Zombie roast! Oh now Bell is down. I have to help him up. Zombie to burn yet again, and he’s down! Gotta help up bell and get back in the fight. So I know there are things in this darkness, but can’t see them…oh well eat some flames you nasty beasties!! What!? I got hit with a Magic Missile, and now someone tried to burn me with a Flaming Sphere! That was very foolish, and kind of tickled…haha they are gonna be hurting for that one. Oh wait they are all dead. Oh well. Now Cerie says Foxglove has her father. This is wonderful. Onward to check out the situation. Well here we are at spook central, and no one around, just some ugly bug eyed birds. So we decide to send for Nualia for help and to rest here to hopefully get our strength up… Then its show time!

Cerie's Entry

I’m not sure what to do or how I should feel. I want to handle this on my own, I don’t want to see anyone else get hurt because of me. It’s all my fault. I know Eloam is trying to talk me out this sense of guilt, but it’s really hard not to feel responsible. I just want to burn it all down. At least Czevok agrees with me and the gnomes. But I have a feeling Eloam is right, if we burn it down, it’ll just make things worse. We won’t be sure of Foxglove’s death and he won’t have a base where we know he hides. I hope this gets better, but I’m not entirely sure it will. The others told me the Hellknights were coming and they’ll probably want me. I’m so scared of them. What’ll they do to me!? They don’t care if you didn’t do anything or not, just if they think you did. My dad better be ok. I just feel like I’ve got nothing to lose anymore. May be I should offer myself up as bait? All i can say for sure is that I’m going to make sure he’s dead. I’ll cut his ugly head of myself and take it back to the sheriff. I’m not leaving it up to anyone else, and they’d better watch out if they get in my way. I’m not compromising on this and that’s final.

Cerie's entry

I feel a change on the wind…

So this is the thanks I get, hmm? After everything I’ve done, being quite generous with loot, not expecting rewards, being wounded countless times, dealing with Nualia, crazy wrathful runewells, runelords, seahags, and Bunyips, (oh my!) having my family threatened or at least bullied to the point where Dad sent Mom away for her own safety, putting up with… well you get the idea… after all that, they treat me no better than those brigands we caught on the highway or Norian!? They lock me away with the likes of them!? I think I’ve had just about enough of this. Even if I did wish harm on Scarnetti, I certainly never would have asked Looney Tunes to do anything about it, and it’s not like it wouldn’t have been unprovoked anyways. Desna, I hate politics (which I’ve been told is from an ancient language meaning “many small blood sucking parasites”).

I’m half tempted to burn this acursed place to the ground when I get out of here. Maybe Nualia had the right idea about folks in this podunk dump of a village. After all, they did tons to hurt her, why not pay the inconsiderate little cretins back? Stop it! Stop it! smacks forehead Don’t think like that Cerie! Of course that wouldn’t include everybody, Madame Mvashti is all right, and Gorgy, and Davarin, and Syrdak, and my friends, and… well, I guess that’s a decent amount of innocent people. Maybe Skor knows “controlled burn.” Then again, it’s not like any of them have come charging up here demanding my release. Thanks guys! They’re spontaneously breaking into a festival to my songs two days before they lock me up? Maybe they’re the crazy ones after all…

I just want to go home. I miss my own bed, I want to brush out my hair and change clothes and wash my face. I can’t believe they’d really throw me in here. I went along so I wouldn’t cause a scene or disrupt things any further, but it really was just because I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I can’t believe any of it really, that they’d lock little Cerie in here. I’ve tried to keep everything at bay by having a flippant attitude, trying not to care too much, making jokes, trying to keep thinking that this really isn’t all my fault, but after all it is. teardrops stain the paper at this point Every single one of them… their lives are on my head, their blood on my hands! It’s all my fault! I didn’t know he’d turn into this! I didn’t know! How could I? I would take it all back if I could.

Desna, help me! I’m so lost and alone! I’m torn between being angry at this monster and being angry at everyone else for acting like they either don’t care or really blame me for this, at least I hope it’s just acting. I don’t like this! I hate being alone, Cerie is a bard and there’s no one to sing to. I’m trying to be brave and strong like everyone else when I’m really quite scared on the inside. I just want to go home, put my head under the pillows, and wish it all away. I want to be like Ragnar and Einarr, Bel and Skor and Groc, they’re just so brave and go charging off without even thinking about the dangers. Even Czevok isn’t afraid of undead, he just tears their heads off. I want to be little enough to fit into my Dad’s lap again, when his arms could make everything scary just melt away and I felt completely safe no matter what.

At least, if you think about it, Noria did get his wish. I don’t know if it was before or after he died, but he did finally manage to get into my bed. chuckle

Argh! bangs fists on wall They blame Cerie for these killings and then lock her, uh, I mean me, away where I can’t do anything to stop them! Fine then, let them play with death… I’m sure he’ll have plenty of fun with them before the end. No…no, that’s not me… sigh You’re just angry and frustrated, Cerie. She just want all this to stop. Maybe… maybe if I’m not here anymore, he’ll go away… If Cerie goes away to try to save them, that would show them how wrong they were about her. Then they’d be sorry. Hmm…

starts humming the creepy little scarecrow song and braiding and unbraiding and rebraiding her hair

twitch, twitch, twitch

(OCC: Yes, she is going slightly schitzo. Wouldn’t you? But I’m fine, or am I? mmmuuuuuaaahhhh Just kidding. wink And Dad this better be considered completely private thought stuff because Cerie would not be stupid enough to put this in writing after the last note. Also, I doubt they’d give her anything to write with seeing as how they think she’s requesting murders.)


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