Protectors of Sandpoint

Dear Ada
Letter to Cerie's Dad


I would like to tell you of all the fun and exciting things Mother and I have been up to since it was decided that I should spend some time here, but alas, I can not, for we have done nothing, Ada, absolutely nothing. There are some of those same Hellknights from Sandpoint around and I’m keeping my distance. All mother and I do is sit and read or practice our music, rather, I play and mother embroiders. I swear by Desna, someone invented embroidery simply to torture high-born girls and women. Mother makes the most beautiful flower patterns, I don’t know how she does it, and seems to enjoy it, but it’s just to slow going for me. Hours and hours of work for one bloom? No, I can not bear it. Please, Ada, send some more books or come to an agreement with the Master of the Library here. Even reading no longer soothes me as the stories only ignite my passions to come back home to you, though I know it to be unwise at this time. I’ve started reading the Classics and Mother calls them, works of Philosophy, Science, and History. Though they are not full of adventure, they are fascinating and it is quite interesting to see how some of the greatest minds of the past have considered things. Well, I’m starting to run out of space, so send more parchments, inks, etc. please. Send me word at the earliest chance of me coming home. It is so dreadfully dull here.


Peneth Nin

Observations #2
Examining the Mill of the 7 Brothers

It is said that life and death drink from the same cup; very nearly did our small group drink from that cup for the last time. As per my previous observation, we learned that the Brotherhood of Seven were buying slaves from Ulfin barbarians, and bringing them to their mill on an island in Kyver’s Islet in the Ordellia section of the city, as sacrifices to their dark god of murder. We ventured to explore the mill, see what was there, if anything, and, should we encounter the Brotherhood, or any of its minions, stop them from performing any more devil-worshiping sacrifice rituals.

Going in we knew the perimeter was well-guarded, and as we climbed the wall near the river side of the mill this turned out to be true: there were four large guard dogs, as well as some kind of strange simian aberration, with a long tail and a very loud howl, which greeted our incursion. The dogs were tough and capable, but ultimately vanquished with relative ease; the same could not be said of the proto-simian creature, which, in addition to forming some kind of unnatural attraction to the barbarian (perhaps attracted to his shaggy coat), also proved both strong and intelligent – at least as much so in both departments as our half-orc friend. After a very physical altercation which might even be described as intimate, the shaggy simian was finally defeated by the shaggy barbarian, although not before it ejaculated some kind of viscous goo all over our friend. in another setting, I might have been persuaded that I had just witnessed some kind of primitive mating ritual among wild creatures: in fact I am somewhat surprised that both of them did not present bright red rear-ends during the tussle, to display their availability, as it were.

But, in fact, it was in deed a fight, and while a tough, albeit strange, opponent, the ape creature was finally defeated. In the meanwhile, I took the opportunity to scout ahead the outside of the mill, and used my slippers to climb the walls to the roof – there I beheld a sort of cupola, wherein a crate of message birds were caged, along with writing materials, and a trap door below. But before I could do more than release the birds, without messages, than I saw a member of the murder cult running away from our group – I was not close enough to prevent his escape, but I knew an alarm would be raised, so instead I secreted myself near the door so that I could attack them as they emerged. I was able to kill several of them this way, and in time the rest of the party showed up, and we went inside.

as befitting an organization of rogues and cut-throats, we found cult members hidden in every shadow and corner, and so fought our way through the complex at every step, though as luck would have it victorious all the way. However, when finally faced with the head priest of the group, our luck turned sour. The priest was able to turn invisible, and as it happened could see invisible things through his masque, thereby rendering my main advantage obsolete in addition, he was assisted by a lieutenant who fired envenomed darts from his crossbow – in fact, all the members of this cult fought with envenomed blades. The poison did its job all too well combined with the priest’s fell magics, and the dark energies he was channeling in against us, the group was very nearly wiped out. I myself was brought down to the very last fibre of my strength, and was forced to use a potion of healing to keep myself alive, and had to feign death in order to use it.

However, it must be recorded that this is when our barbarian friend, perhaps buoyed by fond memories of his intimate simian encounter earlier, earned his salt in a rather large way. For it was he who was able to strike several mighty blows against the fell priest – that, combined with the fire gnomes’s flaming blast, were we finally able to overcome the priest and his lieutenant, and win the day – miraculously, with no loss of life on our side. Yet I tell you that the step between victory and everlasting defeat was exceedingly brief in that foul mill on that day.

We recovered a bunch of interesting items – including evil magicked masques, which allowed the members of the brotherhood who used them powers of sight and ability, although the things do whisper murderous thoughts into the heads of them who utilized it. i took one of the masques, if only to use as a last resort if we were to come up against something we could not see, but I do not plan to utilize it often at all. I also took several envenomed bolts for my own crossbow.

After we parceled out the loot, we found a collection of victims’ faces that the Skinsaw had collected as trophies: because the place was befouled beyond redemption, we torched it, both to cleans the area and to send a message to other members of the murder cult still in the city that their presence will not be tolerated. Books of an esoteric nature were also collected, and after valued and identified, their contents will be made available to the Society at some near point in the future. We as of yet do not know what will become of the birds which I released, initially to deny the enemy his ability to communicate: they may yet come home to roost in some way unexpected, but until the enemy makes their move we remain at ready for anything.

That is all for now.


Snake no like Paralysis
Snake Entry

So Snake tell you how he fought stupid monkey and got hurt by stupid dog. Now that Snake feeling little better, Snake tell you about Stupid Mill…. so Thunder Thigh lady walked on wall like spider and helped short bearded man many times. Snake still no feel good at that point. When Party made it near top of mill Snake say hey short bearded man Snake take it from here. So Snake go through door and feel sting in neck. Stupid Cult guy with Cross bow hit snake with something that make it so he no move. Snake soooooooo Angry but Snake couldnt fight back.. Snake couldn’t even run and regroup.. which Snake never doo… just saying. So snake watch whole battle and man that disappears and suddenly near end Snake can move again so Snake have so much Anger at that point Snake just beat Tar …. yes Tar out of Cult leader man.. Snake never feel so good after Snake feel not so good.. Now Snake is hungry. So Snake go look for food and try to find some bandages..

Am I Crazy?
I Think Not. I'm Just Fun.

This evening was intense. I could feel the cold dark embrace of the afterlife and it was the closest I have ever come to death… WHAT A RUSH!! I guess I should start from the beginning and explain. After the shenanigans of Snake and the interrogation of the slavers, we were led to the mill. After much yammering about how we were going to get these scum, we scaled the wall to the compound with surprising ease. Someone spotted a weird ape creature that we were trying to avoid. Somehow the ape saw us and blasted Snake right in the face with gooey goodness. We then made short work of the guard dogs while the sneaky lady, still not sure what her name is… V something. She went sneaking ahead. We finally made our way to the entrance and were able to surprise those cultist slaver bastards. After exploring our way up through the mill and putting down the minions of the skinsaw cult, we found ourselves being ambush by some real power houses that were apparently the leaders of the operation here in Magnimar. This is when things got exciting. We all exchange blows and were giving all we could to stop them but they just kept coming. After trying to incinerate them and peppering them with a snowball spray, I was hit enough that I thought I was done for. Then some divine spirit must have smiled upon us, because I was back up, and ready to help finish them. Some more fire from me here an axe from Ragnar and Snake, some blades form Cerie and sneaky lady there, and we ended the leader’s miserable lives. Now to sort through the evidence and figure where to go now…

Mill of Seven
Snake's entry

Snake finally gets to go to the mill where all the bad men are. Just while sneaking through the yards to the Mill a stupid Monkey with a stupid round face attacked Snake. Snake got deep hurt from monkey. Snake’s rage build so high that monkey couldn’t stop me. Snake dropped Axe when monkey jumped on him and had to stab as many times as possible with Snakes Javelin. Snake then gets attacked by stupid dogs and dog who got there first bit Snake on back of leg. Snake no feel so good…. just limping along now. Snake can’t wait to finish fights tonight. Snake even more enraged than before.
Snake Find Treasures!!!!
3 uncut diamonds
200gold each
coin bags 300 gold
3 stopper vials with liquid.
3 potions of barkskin +3
crystal decanter with silver stopper 200 and 400 gold

Eloams Musings

So, we face an organization known as the “Brotherhood of the Seven”, The Seven what? The first thing that comes to mind are the Seven Ancient Runelords. Could the be trying to harness the power of the Runelords, or perhaps like Cutter, they could be slaves to the ancient artifacts in the area? Could the Well be influencing behavior from this great distance? Is there another Well or something similar closer? This group of the Brotherhood seems to practice Human Sacrifice. That could certainly feed a Wrath Well.

Perhaps the Brotherhoods activities in other areas tap into or feed the particular vices of their areas…

And why is the Brotherhood interested in the Manor house on the cliff? Perhaps there is something ancient inside or under it?
Observations #1
A New Undertaking

Sensi said: “Veil your plans in darkness, and let none see your heart, that when you move against your enemies you fall upon them like a thunderclap from heaven”. With this wisdom in mind, I have spent the last few weeks re-acclimating myself to my former home, learning much about the streets of the Monument City, while letting no one know my heart nor intentions, nor even my face. With knowledge comes power, and I sought to gain power over those who would rule the streets of Magnimar, while letting no one else know even that I am here.

Almost no one; the Sculptress has kindly allowed me access to a chamber in her home in the spire to stay; in return, I merely retrieve for her things she cannot easily or safely get for herself, and also model for her creations from time to time. She is wise, discreet, and may be relied upon to keep my secrets, as I keep hers. The arrangement suits us both for the present.

Anxious to prove my worth to the Society, I have been assigned to assist a group of adventurers from Sandpoint – they need someone with my skills and knowledge of esoteric history and artifacts, while the Society needs to be kept abreast of the latest news of the same. The group seems a motley crew, indeed: there is the Dwarven ranger, slow of foot, but strong of axe; the Gnomish fire sorcerer, who seems to delight in setting his foes ablaze; the Elvish wizard, local to Magnimar; the part-Orc barbarian, thick of muscle and skull alike; the Elvish witch, with her impudent First World familiar; and the part-Elf bard, daughter of a successful local merchant. For reasons not yet clear to me, this group has traveled to Magnimar from Sandpoint, ostensibly to find out about the Brotherhood of Seven. Little do they know what dangers await them. A cursory examination of the lumber warehouse they are rumored to hide in proved well guarded.

Upon discovering that an agent from the Brotherhood was to pick up a shipment at the docks of the Swift Dolphin, I cased the pick-up spot and followed he and his bodyguard (5 full-blood orcs, as it turned out) , while the rest gathered at the Rotting Crab. I had the witch’s infernal companion along with me, to pass on her spell of invisibility, should I be discovered; much to my relief, the creature remained silent when it needed to be, and I was not discovered as I followed the group to its ultimate rendezvous – a meeting with the leader of a band of Ulfin barbarian slavers (Thorrik) at the Friendly Merchant dock.

There, they traded flesh for gold, 14 unfortunate captives, and then I followed the group back to where a wagon awaited them. Fearing I would be unable to silently shadow the wagon on foot in the city streets, I took the witch’s spell and became invisible, shooed away her creature, and then quickly and quietly attached myself to the undercarriage of the wagon. I did not have a plan, exactly, I only knew that I needed to be present to either follow them into their hide-out, or come up with some other plan to delay or impede them before the entered it.

I could not risk going into unfamiliar territory by myself, with such a force of foes against me; so, I managed to disable the wagon long enough for my new compatriots to show up and waylay the slavers. During the ensuing battle, i was able to knock out the agent of the Brotherhood, while my compatriots finished off the orc bodyguards – not without a doubtful moment or two, I must add. but in the end, we were able to retrieve the captives, half of which were from Sandpoint, including its blacksmith; after destroying evidence of our involvement, I accompanied the group back to the bard’s home in the nicest section of the city.

Within the basement of that building we interrogated the prisoner, who seemed both arrogant and reluctant to give information – I was forced to threaten him with my blades, and he finally relented. As feared the Brotherhood is aligned with murder cult of Father Skinsaw, they who worship Norgorber, and who butcher and sacrifice others to take their place as victims of Skinsaw’s never-ending blood thirst: the 14 captives we rescued were to be sacrificed in the lumber warehouse. We also learned that their group is active in Korvosa, and the agent implicated Vandel of the Blue Dolphin Inn ( a ’milk" bar) as the go-between the Brotherhood and the Ulfin slave raiders. One of the things the Ulfin leader Thorrik said was “The Blacksword needs more bodies in the swamp” – although the implications of that intelligence is not yet known, I am sure it will be made clear in time.

Unfortunately, before we could retrieve further useful information from the captive, the fool barbarian impetuously killed him – and nearly died himself when the agent spit his last breath, tainted with one of the strongest, blackest contact poisons I have ever seen, from a hollow tooth at him. Caution must be exercised when dealing with these Brothers, it would seem, even when captured. Upon retrieving the great orcish lump from prison, having gotten himself captured disposing of his murder, the rest of the group now set about planning entry into the warehouse of this secret society, so that this scourge might be removed and the city of Monuments made just a little bit safer. I will retrieve and learn any and all secrets that might be discovered, should we survive our next encounter.

~ The Blacklily ~

Questionable But Effective Tactics...
The Observations of Skor

Here we are in Magnimar. I have found a fairly comfortable place to stay in The Blind Wizard Inn. It just so happens that they have a very entertaining group of gamblers that seem to frequent the place. I can’t quite vouch for there skill with the cards or dice, but they are rather amusing after a few pints! I have also managed to secure a deal that should indeed boost the economy of Sandpoint. Not sure how long I will stay in the town but I do like it there and hope its residents prosper. We will now have a routine caravan headed that very three weeks or so. The point of contact seemed a little shady but as long as this works out for the town folks, I am fine with that. They have also sent a gigantic elf lady to be there representative. I have always love a tall woman! This could be fun… OH! I was even able to secure more brutes to help with the fort when not escorting the caravans! That should help keep those monsters out! After my negotiations at the brute squad rental services building, we all met and apparently we have two more new people with us… The half orc is seems to be rather dimwitted and smelly but should do rather nicely as our distraction and wrecking machine in battle. Snake is his name I believe. Why he is actually here I couldn’t tell you. I think he will provide us with some good laughs though! Now the dark and brooding lady, V something… I don’t know what it is about he… I can’t figure her out… I also can’t figure out why the thought of her sandwiched between Snake and I seems so fun… anyhow… we are off to follow a group of nasty orc scum that have been spotted. They apparently had a link to the slavers that came to Sandpoint… We quickly wiped the street with them… I am really surprised that we did not draw more attention… After interrogating the captive from our scuffle our lead is to the Sawmill here in Magnimar… And then Snake decided it was a good idea to cut the guys head off…holy hell I don’t know what he was thinking… but it gets better… he decided to dump the body over the city wall. yet again dumb but damn it was funny spooking the guards with some lights so Ragnar could dispose of the body and make the guards think they were seeing ghosts! At least Cerie was able to get Snake out of jail… Now it is time to regroup and prepare for the mill invasion. Hopefully we have time for a few rounds of cards or dice while we wait…

When will we plant my axe is somethings chest?
Snake entry

Snake wants to draw blood. Snake just joined this group of people that look for some puny assassin at some “Brother’s” saw mill. Snake no want to case mill. Snake wants to sneak in through bottom of building to find assassins and place Snake’s axe right in the assassins skull.
Snake is very eager to show new friends what he can do. Right now Snake feels like he is doing nothing but annoying puny short men. Snake knows what needs to be done. Snake is as strong as ten men or 20 of the small red haired man, maybe event 100 of small red haired man. Now we wait till time to go to mill. I will say funny woman with mask on her face makes Snake feel funny below Snake’s belt. :D

Before going to the mill, Snake is waiting at Rotting Crab pub. Snake normally is ready to eat but this time Snake just going to sit with new friends…. Well Snake will have some Grog. Snake and short bearded man is now going to have a Barrel of Grog!

So a wagon of slaves was spotted by the lady in black hiding her face.. Snake and friends followed the wagon and killed the Orcs to free the slaves. During the battle big ugly leader Orc pissed Snake of by calling Snake a filthy half breed. Snake made sure he felt Snake’s axe destroy big ugly Orc’s body. Snake left standing. We also have another prisoner that was bossing big dumb Orcs around and now we find out what he knows..

While Snake was disposing of bad mans body. Stupid human guards put Snake in jail because Snake is Half-Orc..
Snake was humiliated and next time he sees guard, Snake will make sure guards drink their food.

Not much to report...
Cerie's entry

Not that much has been going on as of late. It’s been wonderful to catch up with Mother and to relax for a change. My friends have finally arrived although it seems there is a bounty for Bel…figures. The one thing that raises my suspicions was their encounter with a Lady Vorcetti. I’ve never heard of the family, which is not really a concern, but when they said she was interested in Sandpoint, well it raised my concerns a bit. Maybe I’m just being protective of Father’s interests, but I don’t like it, whoever she is, I don’t trust her.

In that vein of distrust, I’ve been told of a source who could be helpful to me. She comes highly recommended through my little network here. She goes by Eris, some call her Erith, but she doesn’t really care what I call her as long as I pay her what I agreed to. She’s a bit mysterious, but that’s what I wanted, a no questions asked, need to know basis sort of person, and she is it. She’s definitely cuthroat, but I can tell by her personality, the way she carries herself, her facial expression, that somewhere deep down inside, she doesn’t want to be. I hope she finds her way, whatever that may be. Either way, she’s who I need right now. I contracted her for 2 gold pieces a week to listen for two words, Foxglove and Sandpoint, and to report back anything she hears, even if it’s just mundane sailors’ talk. You never know what might be significant.

She seems a trustworthy source thus far and I think I’m getting to like her. Right now she just thinks I’m some spoiled little rich brat, she might have a bit more respect for me if she really knew what I was capable of, but I like to keep some things in reserve as surprises. She probably already has suspicions. If she’s really worth the gold I pay her, she should’ve heard about the goings on in Sandpoint by now. It shouldn’t be that hard for her to figure me out. I just hope what she figures out turns out to be useful, rather than a detriment.


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