Sidus Polus (Star of the Sky)

Father of Cerie



Race: Elf (Full-Blood), Sylvan

Origin: Churlwood

Current Home: Sandpoint, with frequent trips to Magnimar

Occupation: Merchant, fine woods and woodcraft

Spouse: Purea Silvia, Varisian Human

Child(ren): Daughter: Ceruleana “Cerie” Pola

Connections: Magnimar

Note: His name means “Star of the North,” “Star of the Heavens,” or “Guiding Star” depending on the translation of an ancient elven dialect. He prefers the meaning “Star of the Heavens.”


Tall like all elves, he shares his blue eyes and dark hair with his daughter. Living so long with humans, taking one to wife, and generally having to deal with politics has made him less aloof than elves are expected to be if you listen to the typical stereotypes. He’s just as comfortable raising a pint with the sailors off the latest ship as he is inspecting a shipment of fine woods. He has instructed his daughter, his only child by his wife, in the art of fencing and has taught her a bit about business, although he’s careful not to push her in any particular direction. An axiom he takes particularly seriously is that those of elven blood have been granted the gift of time and there’s no reason rush things. One of the benefits of that gift is the ability to wait and make your move at the opportune moment.

Of late, he’s been quite concerned about the spate of murders centered around his daughter and has sent his wife Purea to Magnimar for safety reasons. His wife, Purea Silvia (“Purple Woods (of the evening)” in her language), is a human of Varisian descent, with long dark, curly hair and the tan skin of her people. Her own father was a human merchant who traded with Sidus and they decided Purea would be a good match for the elf, both because of business and in personality. What started off as a business deal became a love match as the couple got to know each other and they are still fiercely devoted to each other and to the daughter they share.

Since the resolution of the murders sweeping Sandpoint, Sidus has had the opportunity to move into the Council seat vacated by the death of Titus Scarnetti through a buy out of Scarnetti’s assets proposed by his widow. With funds lent by the Sandpoint Expeditionary Force to complete the deal, Sidus is in the process of gaining the Council seat, thus becoming one of the Four Lords of Sandpoint, and taking over the only other rival wood working firm in Sandpoint.

Sidus Polus (Star of the Sky)

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