Ragnar Blackaxe


Male dwarf Ranger 5
CG Medium humanoid
<<init>> 2 (3 in forests); <<senses>> Perception +10

<<ac>> 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (4 armor, +2 dex)
<<hp>> 45 (5d10
<<fort>> +4, <<ref>> +6, <<will>> +3

<<spd>> 20 ft./x4
<<melee>> Waraxe, dwarven 10 1d104 20/x3
<<melee>> 2 Handaxe +11 1d66 20/x3
<<ranged>> Shortbow, composite 7 1d62 20/x3

<<str>> 16(18 W/ MAGIC BELT), <<dex>> 15, <<con>> 10, <<int>> 12, <<wis>> 14, <<cha>> 10
<<base>> +5, <<cmb>> +9<<cmd>> +21

<<feats>> Armor Proficiency (Light) (PFCR 118), Armor Proficiency (Medium) (PFCR 118), Double Slice (PFCR 122), Endurance (PFCR 122), Power Attack, Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133), Two-weapon Fighting (PFCR 136), Weapon Focus (PFCR 136-137)

<<skills>> Climb +11, Craft (weapons) +6, Handle Animal +8, Heal +6, Knowledge (local) +2, Knowledge (nature) +9 (specialty: giants), Perception +10, Spellcraft +7, Stealth +10, Survival +10, Swim +8

<<languages>> Common, Dwarven
<<combat>> Waraxe, dwarven, 2 Handaxe, Shortbow, Masterwork Chain shirt
<<other>> Backpack, Bedroll, Candle x2, Flint & steel, Masterwork chain shirt, Traveler’s outfit, Piton x4, Beltpouch x2, Rations, Trail x7, Rope, Hemp, Shortbow, composite +2 str max, Waraxe, Dwarven, Waterskin, Whetstone, Handaxe +2 (
3 vs. gobs/duergar), +1d6 dmg vs. fire, +2 sv Fire, Amulet of False life 1/day, +1d8hp and +1 save, Badge, Tsuto’s Notebook, Duergar belt of dwarven hair, Belt of +2 Strength, Armor & Shield, Weapons

<<class>> • FAVORED ENEMY – You have bonuses to Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks as well as weapon attack and damage rolls used against the following creature types: Giant (2), Humanoid (orc) (2). (PFCR 64).
RANGER WEAPONS AND ARMOR – All simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor and shields (but not tower shields). (PFCR 64).
RANGER WILD EMPATHY – Change animal attitudes in a way similar to Diplomacy. Check bonus equals 5. Animal must be within 30 ft.. (PFCR 65).
TRACK – Add half ranger level (min. 1) to Survival checks made to follow tracks. (PFCR 64).
RANGER COMBAT STYLE – Two-weapon Fighting (PFCR 65).
FAVORED TERRAIN – The ranger gets bonuses to Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, Survival and Initiative checks in Forest (+2) terrain (PFCR 65).
RANGER ENDURANCE – A ranger gains Endurance as a bonus feat at 3rd level. (PFCR 65).
• HUNTER’S BOND – You have chosen an animal companion. The Leopard is detailed in PFCR 54. (PFCR 66).
RANGER SPELLS – The ranger can cast spells drawn from the Ranger Spell List (PFCR 232) according to the ranger spell progression (PFCR 66). (PFCR 66).

<<traits>> • Anatomist (Combat) – +1 to confirm critical hits (PFCT 3). Long range sharpshooter (DM reward) – If using missile weapons and character takes more than one range penalty, reduce the number of penalties by one.

• Needs to pick another trait…

• Belt of Strength +2

• Handaxe +2, cold, +3 vs. goblins and duergar

• Bottomless Stein

• Amulet of False Life


Ragnar hails from the dwarven city of Janderhoff, famous for its copper domed citadels and buildings. As he grew older Ragnar felt the call of the adventurer, and travelled the lands in search of fortune. He soon discovered he had a talent for understanding nature, and explored the wild, alternately making his way as a scout, mercenary, bounty hunter and prospector in dangerous lands few others were willing to explore.He learned deadly weapon skills from wandering rangers he occasionally partnered with as a mercenary and scout. At times, he also fought alongside men with questionable backgrounds from the city, possessed of great dexterity and stealth.

At one point Ragnar had been tracking a particularly dangerous band of poachers and bandits (some of them humanoid) who sought to capture animals and slaves for arena fighting. They were wanted men, and would fetch a good bounty if he could capture someof them. Waiting until darkness, Ragnar crept into their camp, silently dispatched the sentries, and opened all the cages of capture animals. Some of these animals were from far away, exotic lands.Once unleashed, many of them rampaged through the camp, and chaos ensued. In the melee, Ragnar knocked one man out, then while attempting to hog-tie him and bring him back to justice, Ragnar was set upon by the enraged leader of the band. The leader was a huge orc wielding a brutal mace with deadly skill, and Ragnar found himself pressed hard to defend himself. Both he and the orc were bloodied, but Ragnar began to realize he may have been outmatched by the brute’s sheer strength. Suddenly, a blur of spotted fury leapt upon the orc’s back. It was the leopard Ragnar had freed, now unleashing its pent up fury upon its former captor. Together, Ragnar and the leopard defeated the orc leader, who suffered wounds that would have killed most men before fleeing with the remainder of his band. Ragnar stood staring at the leopard, leaning on his axe, wondering what the beast would do next, softly murmuring in soothing tones to calm the beast. The leopard paced, growling, but slowly seemed to calm down. It gave Ragnar a long, knowing look, then stalked off into the night. Ragnar had the strange feeling he would see the leopard again someday.

Ragnar Blackaxe

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