Aldern Foxglove *DEAD*

Noble from Magnimar - rebuilding Foxglove Manor


A handsome, muscular young noble from Magnimar, well mannered and overall good company.


Friendly young noble from Magnimar that the party met after saving him from the goblins at the Swallowtail Festival. He became smitten with Cerie and her party, buying them dinner, taking them boar hunting, etc, and thinks they are great heroes. He hired some carpenters and masons from town to help him rebuild Foxglove Manor, his family’s ancestral estate, south along the coast from Sandpoint and was last seen heading there with his new hires. Recently, those craftsmen who were hired in Sandpoint returned telling tales of horrid noises coming from within the house, no sign of Aldern, and some of the other workers were missing. The house is considered cursed or haunted and no one is likely to want to return there anytime soon.

The party soon discovered he had been infected by a ghoul and transformed into the Ghoul Lord known as the Skinsaw Man.

Aldern Foxglove *DEAD*

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