Protectors of Sandpoint

Very Beneficial

Assignment Log # 46

Not only did we successfully defeat the slavers, we also got a fair amount of loot. There was the down payment the slavers had received for their current cargo, the wages of the sailors, and plenty of money on the bodies, not to mention thousands of gold coins worth of jewels and other material possessions. We also gained control of the ship, which is worth at least 10000gp on the market. I believe that is going to be given to the SEF, however, to defend the harbor of Sandpoint or something like that. This did, however, give me an opportunity to relocate 25 halflings to work on the ship. Einarr did not seem very enthused at the prospect of having a mostly halfling crew, but he came around eventually. Now we are on our way to Magnimar, and Bell finally seems to have accepted it. On our way, however, we were attacked by trolls in the middle of the night. I’m not entirely sure why, but there was an invisible orc that came around back, his face covered in warpaint, who tried to carry off bell. The odd thing was that Skor was also knocked out, and the orc wasn’t interested in him. Although we were able to fend off our attackers, I’m going to keep a closer eye on Bellaxarix. Now that some of our horses have been taken out, the trip to Magnimar is going to take longer than expected. As long as we get there safley, though, I have no complaints.



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