Protectors of Sandpoint


Eloam Log

As I reflect upon today’s battle it is apparent that our lack of preparation nearly lead to our deaths. My own magics seemed all but useless. Had I known what we were going up against, I could have focused my attention on aiding my friends, or instead increasing the potency of my own magics to overcome her defenses against magic.

Having seen those creatures in the mirror, I should have made the effort to find out more about them. Were they servants of the Runelords? What are they doing now. What magics will work best against them, what will not. Since this one has a sister, I need to find out.

Also, We suspected that we would end up in the clock-tower. Surely, there are plans and drawings of this building around somewhere. We should have taken the time to look. A wand or even a couple potions of spider climb would have been extremely helpful.

Our recent success has lead me to become complaisant. I must guard against this in the future…



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