Protectors of Sandpoint

Magnimar - Grand City of Men

Ragnar's Journal

And here we are in Magnimar again – not exactly a monument to the society of men. Fair to middling construction, though there are some impressive works of old here. If only the people reflected those qualities more. Last time we trekked through this place, it was skinsaw cultists and slavers that made it such a joy. A true bit of devilry, that was.

And now there is new devilry – some giantish scarecrow of all things. Madness is yet another form. What do the gods think, I wonder. Let’s hope Enteku’s visions lead us down the right path. If it weren’t for the fact that Magnimar’s trade is important to Sandpoint, and Enteku’s visions seem apocalyptic if not addressed, I’d not set foot in this place more than I have to. We shall see what comes of this. But if there is evil here, and we can destroy it, well then I’ll lean into my axe work with pleasure.



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