Protectors of Sandpoint

It Just had to be Slavers...

Assignment Log #45

Those damn, dirty slavers. It’s just my luck they would attack the very town I was staying in. It’s too bad for them that my companions and I had not left, or there would have been very little resistance. They were very well-armed, and even had some Gargoyles to help them. The gargoyles were determined to sink our ship, but the we defeated them too quickly. The problem we had was with the serpent. A massive sea serpent attacked our ship, eating several of the crew. I’m not entirely sure it’s dead, either. Once the beast had been taken out of the picture, we proceeded to attack the Grey Raiders’ ship. Before we managed to board the ship, one of their mages managed to set off a few fireballs. They also set up some sort of wall made of wind, protecting them not only from projectile attacks, but also any and all who would try to jump from the center. My barbaric companion, Einarr, and I, however, took a different route. We swung from a very steep angle, thereby passing the wall. He took down several of their stronger adversaries, while I went below decks, finding myself a new friend, also barbaric. He had broken free of the chains with which he was bound, and I proceeded to help him out of the cage he was held within. Once we had gotten out, he proceeded to bash in the skull of the mage who had previously devastated our personnel. I got back into the fray, helping Einarr with a bodyguard who had cornered him. Cerie, however was incredibly worried about the prisoners, who I had seen merely seconds ago. I returned below decks, and what do I see but the Priest from before, bashing the mostly unarmed prisoners, and surrounded by a sickening, green light. Soon after me, my new friend, whose name I still do not know, came running down the hallway, and took a swing with his massive hammer. I stood behind him, and took a shot with my hand crossbow. The bolt met it’s mark, and the green light faded. After a short while, the powerhouses had defeated the priest, with his deadly mace fueling his body no longer.



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