Protectors of Sandpoint

From Bad to Worse

Assignment log #44

It just had to be Hellknights, didn’t it.Things just went from bad to worse, although I’m glad they didn’t stick around and question us. The fact is, however, my associate and I can’t stay around any Hellknights too long, whether they be of the Order of the Rack, Scourge, Nail, Chain, or any other Order for that matter. If I heard correctly, Cerie said something about another order of knights coming to Sandpoint. Whether they be knights or Hellknights, we need to get out. While Magnimar doesn’t seem an ideal destination at first glance, hiding under the radar might be just what needs to be done. If anything, Bell can stay in the bag, just as he has been recently. He seems to like it in there anyway. I believe these people are going to Magnimar anyway, and I might be able to accompany them. This Aldern guy we fought was interesting, and I kinda want to find out what that note was about. At the very least, if we go to Magnimar, I can have some fun at the brothels. I needed to get some more Bachelor Snuff anyway, and if I’m not mistaken, they often offer it to go with Brothel services. I just need to make sure of one thing. Although normally, I’d be on great terms with a servant of Torag, this paladin is a little out there. I need to make sure I am never alone with him, nevermind sharing the watch with him.


Yes you heard right. I wasn’t clear on if they were Hellknights or not, but the Merelictor was the one who told me so I’d assume Hellknights.

From Bad to Worse

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