Protectors of Sandpoint

And They Call It A Mine...

Ragnar's Journal

This place has no end. And here I thought it would be good to see the deep dark again. By my beard, it would have been magnificent.had the dwarves been left alone to finish their work. But now it’s filled with evil things. No matter how many are slain, more seem to come, as if called by some terrible nameless curse or power. It would take many a dwarf to clear these caves and tunnels out, though our small doughty group has done well, despite coming close to death several times now.

The dwarves who died here fill my heart with admiration and respect. True dwarves, all! They didn’t shrink from the sight of evil, they even seem to have sought out the dragon and succeeded in killing it. What a battle it must have been! And the quality of their forged steel – I have seen nothing to match it yet, save perhaps my own trusted axe.

I now ponder whether or not to notify the dwarves of Janderhoff of this place, but if I do, they must be warned of the great evil residing here.



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